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synsys AG

synsys AG

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8200 Schaffhausen

Highest efficiency for packaging lines is key for production sites domiciliated in the high cost country Switzerland. synsys offers packaging machines and lines that have unique efficiency characteristics:

- Automatic format change over or
- Multiformat features
- Minimized down times
- Immediate adaption of the production on marked demands

synsys is your distributor for
- TAVIL, world wide market leader for cartoning and palettizing systems with automatic format change over
- INPROSYS, innovative, efficiency-raising buffer and conveying systems, based on FlexLink® components.

synsys also supports you with efficiency audits of your existing production means to increase your OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), cooperating with independent partners.

Our goal is to find the best solution to your production requirements. We focus on the optimal utilization of the entire production asset, so that you can produce cost effective and gain an advantage to your competitors.

synsys offers you high-quality products that are worth its price. Confidence and trust are our most important assets. Synsys sets on long-term customer relationships.

The company is located in Schaffhausen/Switzerland.


  • PRISMA Buffer

    A buffer system optimizes the product flow in case of stops or speed fluctuations of the machines downstream and provides you a remarkable efficiency boost. In common, we find the ideal buffer for your application and help you to select the best supplier.
    The innovative PRISMA buffer is the perfect solution for a products that allow some pressure at accumulation, e.g. biscuit packages, packaged trays or small boxes. Capacity between 200 and 1000 meters of product, which corresponds to a buffer capacity of approximately 10-60 minutes, depending on the product dimensions and the speed. Space requirement: starting from 10 m2.


  • DYNAMIC Buffer: Innovation in buffer technology

    The DYNAMIC buffer is ideal for all products that are difficult to handle, e.g. for their shape. This table top chain buffer operates with the FIFO principle (First-In-First-Out) and is availlable for up to 400 product meters. To save space, the buffer can be executed as multi-level buffer or simply be mounted at the ceiling.


  • TAVIL Multiformat Palettizing System with intuitive MaxPalett programming

    The TAVIL multiformat packaging system is an integrated solution and comprises also the palettization. TAVIL's MaxPalett System proposes itself a palettizing pattern that can be easily edited by the operator. New customer orders can be satisfied within minutes without the need of an expensive, skilled programmer. The Multiformat gripper allows to destack and load up to 4 different palets (EU, US, etc) and carton boxes simultaneously and even handle the interlayer carton.


  • TAVIL Multiline Concept

    The TAVIL multi format machines are capable to handle up to 4 carton formats simultaneously (Multiline-Concept, see picture) or allow a change over to a different carton format without production interruption (Multiformat-Line Concept, Compact or High Speed). Highest efficiency due to minimum down times!


  • TAVIL Multiformat Box Forming Machine

    The TAVIL multi format box forming machine is capable to produce simultaneously up to 4 different carton formats which allows a Multiline Concept where the forming machine supplies cartons to several production lines a the same time.

    As an alternative, the TAVIL multi format box forming machine can be used supplying cartons only to one single production line allowing a box format change without production interruption.

    Automatic servo controlled format change-over in seconds is a standard. Expensive format parts are relics of the past. The high-class TAVIL products are made of stainless steel and meet highest hygiene requirements.


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