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Solutions for your applications:
Controls and Instruments, Measurement and Control Technology:
Flush bottom valves (GMP & FIRE SAFE), assay valves, rubber gaiter valves (EUROCHLOR), pump protection valves, measuring lead valves, valve manifolds, level & flow measuring devices, flow controllers, measuring diaphragm, venturi meters.
Thermal engineering / Electroheat:
Infrared heating elements, UV-sterilization, UV-reactors, industrial furnaces, heating tapes & cables (even self-regulating), heating panels, heating hoses, heating jackets, drum & gas bottle heaters, heating chambers, flow and flange heaters, cartridge & screw-in type heating elements, heating grids, immersion heaters (with ex protection available).
Quartz glass for optics and laboratories, surface vaporizers, bi-distillators.
Bulk solids-, Transport-, Material handlings- and Storage Technology:
Container systems, “Big Bags", Pendulum bucket elevators, material handling, sealing systems.


  • Sealing-System (induction-sealing)

    Induction cap seals provide tamper evidence, enhance product freshness and prevent costly leaks. Enercon offers a wide range of cap sealers to ensure seals are effectively applied. In fact we back our systems with a unique guarantee of success.
    How can Enercon make such a guarantee? Essentially it comes down to application expertise. We've developed and customized more cap sealing solutions than anyone in the industry. Our experience allows us to confidently size and configure cap sealers to match your specific requirements.
    This performance guarantee extends around the globe into pharmaceutical, beverage, household, chemical and petroleum packaging facilities.
    Enercon supports its cap sealers with an industry leading team. Our international network strategically locates our sales and service representatives to ensure prompt support and service. In addition Enercon offer 24-hour emergency service and round the clock troubleshooting assistance through our interactive web site.
    So whether your application demands one of our high speed Super Seal™ systems, a semiautomatic Auto Jr or one of our new capless induction sealers, you can be assured Enercon will provide the best solution for you. Add in Enercon’s support network, success guarantee and trade-in policy and you have a no-risk investment.


  • High-intensity UV light for Disinfection of packaging materials

    Microbiologically sensitive bulk products such as foodstuffs
    demand hygienic packaging materials. Practical applications
    include filling and sealing machines for dairy products
    and beverages. UV radiation reliably disinfects dairy product
    cups of various shapes, heat sealing or tubular films, lids
    and caps or the necks of bottles. This greatly extends the
    products' storage life thus reducing the number of returns
    of food that has gone bad. Manufacturers benefit by
    saving time, effort and money.


  • Heated hose, standard range for liquid

    Flexible heated hose for liquid and gaseous media with a maximum operating temperature of 400°C.


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