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Georg Utz AG

Georg Utz AG

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5620 Bremgarten


  • RAKO

    Since more than 50 years RAKO from Utz. Every basic euro container RAKO enables a large number of variations by combining various sides, bases and handles. When selecting the perfect container, you can choose between perforated and slotted side panels, a grid or ribbed base depending on its purpose and stress level, insert a perforated base or a closed double base and decide on a recessed grip, a handle hole or a strip handle. These versatile selection options in combination with the euro container’s high load capacity are what make the RAKO an extremely adjustable universal container.


  • Component holders

    Vacuum forming is a manufacturing process which reforms thermoplastic synthetics. The resulting load carriers are called component holders. Component holders are able to perfectly incorporate products. There are stackable and rotary stackable component holders consisting of frame tools or as intermediate layers.


  • Pallets

    Plastic pallets are not an economical alternative to wood pallets - this is true without doubt. Plastic pallets, however, have key advantages: they have a constant unladen weight, are robust and durable, have a longer life than wooden pallets and, with metal reinforcing, are particularly sturdy and suitable for use in high-rack warehousing. Fully enclosed pallets are easy to clean and are particularly suitable for the food, hygiene and clean room sectors. Utz pallets (UPAL) are available as Euro, ISO or half pallets.


  • Nestable containers

    Nestable dispatch containers are successfully used in the home shopping sector and in the distribution of goods.


  • Collapsible boxes

    Empty collapsible boxes can be reduced to up to 20% of their original size. Therefore, these space-saving containers are especially suitable for transport operations involving empty collapsible containers which must be taken back after previous deliveries. A maximum of five times as many empty containers can be stored on the same floor space than would be possible with rigid containers. This allows the transport costs to be reduced accordingly.


  • Foldable boxes

    When supplying branches, empty containers often have to be taken back and stored. As empty foldable boxes can be reduced by up to 25% of their original size, a maximum of four times as many empty foldable containers can be stored on the same floor space than would be possible with rigid containers. This enables the transport costs to be reduced accordingly.



    The system container EUROTEC is predominantly suitable for automatic handling on all conventional storage and conveyor systems. The EUROTEC has a large number of points for robots to grab on to or where an automatic conveyor system can be positioned. Recessed grips and handle holes also permit manual container handling. This is supplemented by a selection of base variations, so that warping of the base and resulting faults in the conveyor system caused by adjusted container loads can be excluded.


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