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What should it be? A precisely positioned dot of glue which guarantees a neat, lasting adhesion? A tightly bonded seam to produce a sift proof folding box? Or a large surface glue application? No matter what „gluing task“ you need to cope with: Robatech AG offers suitable adhesive applicator systems for the most varied applications - and this in 63 countries directly on the spot.


  • GranulateContainer

    Robatech offers the new Granulate Container for clean and fault-free delivery of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives in granular form. As functional extension to the proven RobaFeed program, this container protects the adhesive from environmental influences that could result in granulate contamination or clumping, and ensures efficient adhesive delivery.


  • RobaFeed - Automatic filling system for hotmelt granulate

    RobaFeed guarantees automatic and continuous filling of the melting tank with granulate and ensures constant adhesive quantities in the appliance.


  • Sempre 15 & 30 - Cold glue applicator heads

    The new generation of electrically powered ECX 30 Platinum cold glue applicator heads combines a high switching frequency with maximum life span when processing low-viscosity Dispersion adhesives. With contact-free glue application in dot, bead and continuous patterns, the ECX 30 Platinum cold glue applicator heads are ideal for the use in folding box gluers and folder gluers.


  • Sempre 6 - Cold glue applicator head

    Compact Application Heat for Fast-Paced Applications
    The electrically driven Sempre 6 cold glue application head is designed for contact-free application in dot, bead, and continuous patterns of low-viscosity dispersion adhesives. With its precise adhesive application and high switching frequencies, it is ideal for applications in the graphical industry, as in folding machines and mailers. Thanks to its compact installation dimensions, it can be easily and flexibly integrated.


  • AX Diamond - Hotmelt Application Head

    The sturdy jetting heads of the AX Diamond series are outstandingly suitable for non-contact applications of low to medium viscosity thermoplastic hotmelts for simpler application. The adhesive is applied in a dot or bead pattern.


  • SpeedStar Diamond - Hot melt applicator heads

    The electromechanical applicator heads SpeedStar Diamond for hotmelts set new benchmarks as regards speed, useful life, application temperatures and dimensions. Extremely short switching cycles permit to achieve small and precise dots of adhesive in fast processes.


  • SX LongLife- Hotmelt Applicatior Head

    The insulated jetting heads of the SX Diamond series are ideally suited for non-contact application of low- to medium-viscosity hot melt adhesives. The SX Diamond and SX LongLife are identical and only differ in the jetting element. They can be flexibly used thanks to their small installation dimensions.


  • GlueSaver - The Plug & Play solution for adhesive savings

    The Robatech GlueSaver is a supplemental unit that apportions continuous hotmelt beads in intermittend patterns. The adhesive volume to be used is optimized to the actual amount needed. The GlueSaver connects the exit signal from a PLC with the solenoid valve of the hotmelt application head during typical carton gluing applications. With the GlueSaver, users benefit by being able to apply resource efficient hotmelt in various patterns without any additional programming effort. The GlueSaver combines reliability in application with sustainability in an ideal way.


  • EasyStar - Hand Applicator

    The new EasyStar manual spray gun is a simple, flexible and safe tool for the manual application of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives as a bead or spray application. It combines ergonomic design with the highest flexibility. The Trigger can be operated with a minimum of effort. The trigger lock prevents any unwanted release of adhesive and results in a high level of safety for the operator. The Cool-Touch handle fits perfectly in the hand and protects the operator from burns, since the plastic used is excellently insulated.


  • ErgoStar - Hand Applicator

    The new hand applicator ErgoStar combines ergonomic design with highest flexibility in the application: All types of hotmelt such as
    e.g. EVA, PUR and PE, adhesive hotmelts or sealing compounds can be applied highly precisely with ErgoStar, be it in the form of beads, spirals or sprayed. The nozzles can be exchanged as required and adapted to the specific needs of the application.


  • Concept Greenline Series - with the energy-saving insulation

    Robatech's market appearance has been characterized by a green logo for more than 30 years, and the Concept hotmelters of the latest GREENLINE generation are also „green“ because their working mode is particularly energy saving. Up to 17,4% *) energy can be saved in combination with a heated hose NW 6 mm and the fully insulated SX Diamond applicator heads which Robatech originally presented as a world's first at the Interpack 2008 exhibition.


  • InfoPlus - Factory Data Software

    InfoPlus permanently records data of the adhesive system to create a log, calculate consumption data and generate messages for preventive maintenance. It serves at the same time as a data base for contact and spare-parts. The evaluations and presentations are adapted to the Weihenstephan standard.


  • RobaVis - Operation and visualization with touch screen

    The functionalities of hotmelt equipment and application controls have changed very substantially since the introduction of microprocessors. This has led to a certain complexity in the operation of the devices, which means that ever higher demands are imposed on the operators.
    Most persons are already familiar with touch displays. RobaVis visualizes the processes and thereby simplifies operations such as:
    - Setting temperatures
    - Controlling motors
    - Creating adhesive application patterns
    - Secondary functions, e.g. data exchange


Product news

  • InfoPlus - Factory Data Software

    Robatech's factory data software InfoPlus is an intelligent information system which records and evaluates data of the adhesive system continuously and thereby contributes to the further optimization of production processes.

    Regular recording and evaluating of factory data makes the sequences more transparent. It is the basis for more efficient processes and a further optimized glue consumption. Robatech AG domiciled in Muri / Switzerland is specialized in adhesive application technology. With its new, intelligent factory data software InfoPlus the company offers a modern tool for the storage and evaluation of data and their visualization and communication on the RobaVis touch screen. With InfoPlus the Life-Cycle Service RobaPlus of Robatech is rounded off by a further important component.

    Spare parts and contact data base
    InfoPlus regularly records data of the adhesive system to create a log, calculate consumption data and generate messages for preventive maintenance. The software thus enables easy access to system data which are available on a central information platform for onward processing and to support operating and service personnel. The system includes also a library of Robatech's global service partners which can be supplemented with individual contacts. Components installed in the equipment and the pertaining spare parts are listed in a spare parts data base and therefore easy to find. Regular and reliable maintenance is ensured by the fact that the software automatically displays a service message when service parts come towards the end of their useful life.

    Useful tools for optimization
    An integrated adhesive calculator offers the possibility, furthermore, of quickly calculating application patterns and further optimizing the glue consumption. Adhesive throughput data can be captured and presented with an optionally installed throughflow meter. Trained personnel can thus detect changes at an early stage and take preventive action thanks to the recorded heating curves and outputs. Tables showing degrees of effectiveness inform of the operation status and keep track of disturbances. The power consumption of the entire system is also measured and presented in tables. All evaluations and presentations are adapted to the Weihenstephan standard.


  • RobaVis - Visualized processes

    Straightforward and efficient operation thanks to visualized processes

    Robatech AG developed the sophisticated process visualization tool RobaVis for hotmelt applicators and application controls. With RobaVis the operation of the equipment becomes much simpler, safer and yet more efficient.

    Technological further developments over the last years have changed the functionalities of hotmelt applicators and application controls substantially. The complexity of the processes impose higher demands also on the operating personnel. Touch displays are a matter of course these days. They enable the visualization of processes and support an intuitive operation. Robatech AG domiciled in Muri / Switzerland is specialized in adhesive application technology. With its product RobaVis the company offers a tool based on the modern touch technique which simplifies operation considerably and thus increases also the productivity.

    Clear and logical structure
    Whether temperatures have to be set, motors controlled, application patterns created or data exchanged, RobaVis presents the individual working steps simply, logically and clearly. The system is available after the once-only and straightforward configuration. The screen displays only the items which the operator needs for his / her daily work. All functions are shown in the form of symbols and lead the operator reliably to the right input fields. The operating fields in the display are suitably grouped to meet the expectations of today's users. The operator is supported by the job library which can be supplemented optionally with pictures or drawings. The job library enhances the process safety and the equipment can be set up faster and more efficiently. All inputs can still be adjusted while production is already in progress and even a new job can be prepared. Older equipment featuring the ICS-A and CLS electronics can also be retrofitted with the touch screen.


  • RobaFeed - Automatic filling system for hotmelt granulate

    The Swiss company Robatech AG is a global leader in adhesive application technology. With its RobaFeed equipment, Robatech has developed a fully integrated, automatic filling system for hotmelt granulate. A constant quantity of adhesive in the applicator as well as a high safety for the operating personnel are guaranteed.

    The advantages of the new automatic feeding system RobaFeed can be summed up as follows: More efficiency and safety at a lower cost. With this new development Robatech places the needs and interests of the customers in the centre and submits once again proof of its high technical competence in the area of glue application systems.

    Constant quantity of adhesive for an economically efficient production
    The innovative system is suitable to fill Robatech as well as other hotmelt equipment with granulate from a separate container. Hereby the level supervision of the melting tank takes care of the control. The granulate is fed through a suction tube placed in the container holding the adhesive granulate. The integrated venturi generates a negative pressure which attracts and feeds the granulate. The vibrator fitted to the suction tube supports the suction process. As soon as the set minimum fill level is reached, the level supervision transmits a signal to the control integrated in the equipment to release the filling cycle. The system monitors the stock of granulate and the filling process reliably. Constant processing temperatures are essential for continuous filling and represent a further advantage. In case of a nonconformity the process is interrupted and a corresponding message is released. Standstills due to an empty tank or overfilling belong to the past. Time and costs are saved in this manner and the production process is further optimized.

    Higher operational and production safety
    RobaFeed contributes decisively to an improved safety at work. Thanks to automatic filling of the closed tank the operators cannot come into contact with the hot adhesive and suffer injuries. Contaminants from the environment are prevented from reaching the adhesive. Vapours escaping from the fed granulate pass through an activated carbon filter and don't pollute the environment.


  • SpeedStar application head for quick and accurate adhesive application

    Hotmelt Application Heads for quick and
    accurate adhesive application

    Robatech AG in Muri, Switzerland, is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of adhesive application systems. At Interpack in Düsseldorf, with its SpeedStar Diamond, the company presented innovative hot melt application heads, which set new standards for speed, durability and precision.

    The requirements for the bonding of packaging are very high and they also change for each product. Thus, the material, size and shape of the packaging also influence the type of bonding used. In the confectionary industry small collapsible boxes are generally used for sweets or chewing gum, and cardboard boxes and chocolate wrap for chocolate bars. The adhesive flaps are particularly small, which means that clean and accurate bonding is imperative for successful sales presentation at the POS.

    Quick switching cycles combined with high wear-resistance
    An absolute highlight, which Robatech first presented to trade delegates at Interpack, are the electro-magnetically operated SpeedStar Diamond application heads that can apply up to 800 adhesive dots per second. This has allowed Robatech to successfully combine rapid switching cycles with high wear-resistance. Even with temperatures of up to 185 °C and viscosities up to 5000mPas, SpeedStar™ application heads have a much longer life than conventional heads. The newly patented sealing concepts also add electronic stroke monitoring and cycle evaluation.

    Precision at high speeds
    SpeedStar Diamond application heads are also high precision because the valve stem stroke is monitored and automatically adjusted. The repeat accuracy is thus unique, whereby the dot size and position can be guaranteed without manual re-adjustment over its life. Another advantage is that less adhesive is used as the dot or bind size is smaller. In addition, exact temperature control with insulation and nozzle guard helps to achieve better bonding behaviour. Nozzle clogging is all but eliminated with the integrated filter.

    Intelligent and economical
    The SpeedStar application heads are also a step ahead in matters of ecology and efficiency. They are insulated with the tried and tested SX Diamond Series plastic housing, which clearly improves energy efficiency and protects the operator against burns. The heads are however still small and slender and can be installed in areas where space is limited. They are also compatible with most Robatech SX application heads. The electronics integrated into the head constantly control and monitor its operation. Signs of wear are thus automatically adjusted. Integrated counters help in the planning of maintenance work and a LED display ensures reliable status indication.


  • SX Diamond Application Head

    Robatech shows a world novelty
    The fully insulated adhesive applicator head for which Robatech AG of Muri/Switzerland has lodged a patent application was presented to a wide professional public for the first time at the Interpack. This worldwide unique applicator head with its full insulation offers numerous advantages.

    Robatech AG of CH-Muri came up with a world novelty at the Interpack: The new Diamond adhesive applicator head for which a patent is sought. This further-development of the well-proven SX series is the world's first fully insulated applicator head for hotmelts. It provides highest safety as well as energy savings of up to 60 percent. The applicator head's full insulation protects the machine operator from injuries on touching of the head. It also helps saving energy because the glue temperature remains constant over long periods of time. Apart from this the insulation also ensures an even, optimum viscosity of the adhesive during processing.
    However, the globally unique full insulation is not the only novelty which makes the Diamond head stand out from the standard applicator head of the SX series: The optimized spray elements and a new pneumatic valve which Robatech developed in cooperation with a leading supplier guarantee highest precision in the adhesive application. The new valve is also particularly robust and lasting. This durability is reflected in the name Diamond and was demonstrated impressively at the Interpack: The new applicator head performed perfectly in more than 50 million switching operations just on the Robatech exhibition stand.


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