Empack 2015 - Messe Zürich, Hallen 3 und 4, 25 - 26 March 2015

This was the Empack 2015 in Zürich

In 2015, the well-established meeting place for the Swiss packaging industry celebrated its ninth edition.

The show previously known as "Verpackung" has been revitalised under the new name "Empack". Also running in parallel with "Packaging Innovations" was a third show, "Label&Print". The resultant packaging portfolio promised even more variety and diversity, producing more synergies and attracting more visitors than before.


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The highlights of 2015

Press release 13 October 2015

Easyfairs inszeniert Verpackung – Einzigartigkeit zählt

«Empack» feiert Jubiläum: Der führende Verpackungs-Branchenevent in der Schweiz findet 2016 zum 10. Mal statt.

Visions und Values: Das ist 2016 das Motto für die Easyfairs-Verpackungsevents in Deutschland und der Schweiz. Vor 10 Jahren wurde die «Empack» als einzigartiges Messeformat in der Schweiz lanciert. Aus der einen Messe für Verpackungslösungen, Prozesse & Design sind inzwischen drei europaweit erfolgreiche Messebrands geworden - «Empack», «Packaging Innovations» und «Label&Print». Sie bieten eine ideale Bühne, um Zukunftsvisionen aus Technik, Design und Markenwelt der richtigen Zielgruppe zu präsentieren. In Deutschland findet an einem neuen Standort die «Empack» 2016 erstmals parallel zur Intralogistik-Leitmesse CeMAT in Hannover statt – mit stark internationaler Ausrichtung. Inszenierung von Verpackung an der Schnittstelle zu Design, Lifestyle und Kunst steht im Mittelpunkt der «Packaging Innovations» 2016 in der Fischauktionshalle Hamburg.

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Press release 31 May 2015

The wrapper is everything – "Packaging Art House" as art object and event space

Art-as-packaging provides room for unique brand-staging concepts within the framework of Packaging Innovations, Empack and Label&Print in Hamburg, Hannover, Zurich and Vienna.

Enveloped in a delicate honeycomb structure of corrugated cardboard: visually and technically stunning, the “Packaging Art House” provides a new viewpoint onto the topic of packaging as marketing tool and design object per se. The concept was developed by the Viennese design studio, Papertown, in cooperation with Easyfairs. Under the headline "the wrapper is everything", the organiser of the international packaging events Packaging Innovations, Empack and Label&Print is planning to use the “Packaging Art House” in upcoming shows as a platform for special exhibits and extraordinary installations as well as for presentations of exclusive brands and products.

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Press release 02 April 2015

The World of Packaging proves itself again, will be expanded!

The World of Packaging Zurich 2015, with its trio of shows encompassing «Empack», «Packaging Innovations» and «Label&Print», confirms once more its position as the top event for the Swiss packaging industry. On both show days (25 & 26 March), visitors informed themselves about the latest trends and innovations through the diverse offerings along the entire packaging process chain.

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Press release 27 March 2015

Strong performance of the packaging shows

The «World of Packaging 2015» closed its doors yesterday after two intense trade show days. With its single shows «Empack», «Packaging Innovations» and «Label&Print» the event has proven again its trend-setting position within the Swiss packaging industry. 232 exhibitors took advantage of the plattform for their goal-oriented networking and business.

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Press release 28 January 2015

CeMAT strengthens the packaging sector

– Collaboration between Deutsche Messe AG and Easyfairs Deutschland GmbH

Deutsche Messe AG is strengthening the packaging technology
business segment at CeMAT 2016 with the Empack and Label&Print trade
fair programmes. Representatives of Deutsche Messe have signed a
strategic partnership agreement with Easyfairs Deutschland GmbH under
which Empack and Label&Print will in future be organised as guest events
at CeMAT. They will appear in this format for the first time in Hanover from
31 May to 3 June 2016 – the event organisers are expecting around 200
exhibitors across 10,000 m2 of floor space.

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