E-COMMERCE 2015 - Kistamässan, Stockholm, 24 - 25 March 2015

The most important meeting place in Sweden focusing on innovations and strategies in digital marketing and e-commerce

important information for exhibiters

1.    Free tickets
2.    My easyFairs
3.    Banner and Fair logo
4.    Exhibitor information
5.    Food and drinks
6.    Inspiration guide
7.  Filming
8.  Picture at x-module

1. Free e-tickets to your customers

To make it easier for you to invite your customers to your stand, we are going to make an electronic ticket only this year. It is easier, faster and more simlpe for you and your customers. And its more environmentally friendly, wich we
really like. It is adapted just for you, with you logo and your stand number. Send your logo to us (lina.malm.lund@easyFairs.com) and you will receive your electronic ticket about 1 month before the trade fair. 

2. My easyFairs

We have developed our website and improved it for exhibiters, including an online catalogue. In this, you, as an exhibiter, can present your company and products, post product news, press releases and make you web address visible for all visitors. This service is cost free and naturally, we hope you make use of it. A while back, you received a mail from "My easyFairs" with a link straight to the system, with the request that you confirm your e-mail address and choose a password. The e-mail address is the user name. If you have forgotten the password, just click on "Forgotten password" and a new one will arrive by mail, manual attached.

3. Banner and Fair logo

Let your customers know that you are exhibiting at the trade fair and what you are going to show. In this mail the banner and fair logo are attached, which we recommend you post on your start page/campaign site, Facebook, blogs or Twitter. Tell if you have any special offers during the trade fair as well as what visitors can get out from visiting your stand in particular at the fair. Link the banner to www.easyFairs.com/personal, so visitors can easily go in, register, and print out their free tickets.

In your printed marketing prior to the trade fair, the logo is most suitable.

Banner 175x200px>>

Banner 300x100px>>

Show logo>>

4. Exhibitor information

Exhibitor information from Kistamässan where you can find times for moving in/out etc. Read it carefully.


The information will come shortly.

5. Exhibitor cards

Register your staff at My easyFairs. It is mandatory for everyone at the show, wearing exhibitor cards at any time.


6. Stand catering

Fill your stand with life's pleasures, in the form of food and drink. KM restauranter at Kistamässan hold a license to serve wine, spirits and beer on the premises during the trade fair, and can provide alcoholic drinks and provide stand catering for exhibitors. KM restauranger can also give you proposals for something pleasant to offer your visitors at the stand.

KM restauranger:
Isabelle 08-410 608 20

7. Inspiration guide

Last but not least, we have produced a trade fair manual at easyFairs, containing many useful tips and a practical checklist to help you with the planning of your attendance at the trade fair. The manual is attached to this e-mail and it is there so you can get the most from your participation.

Inspiration guide>>

8. Filming

All filming is forbidden and has to be approved by exhibition manager Caroline Svärd, +46 31 89 41 35, caroline.svard@easyFairs.com


9. Picture at X-module