BUTIKSLEVERANTÖR 2015 - Kistamässan, Stockholm, 24 - 25 March 2015

Scandinavia's most important meeting place for the entire retail sector!

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We have merged the exhibitorlist from both e-commerce and Butiksleverantör. The blur color is for exhibitors at e-commerce and the pink is for exhibitors at Butiksleverantör.

Handelsanställdas förbund

Handelsanställdas förbund

Stand F08D

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Handels, The Commercial Employees' Union, is Sweden's third-largest blue-collar union, with some 154 000 members, of which around 25 000 are retired. Women make up over 70 percent of our membership.

Although the union was founded in 1906, it's in many ways a young organization. A fourth of our members are under the age of 30 and almost half are under the age of 35.

We are active in more than 25 000 different workplaces and represent a wide range of groups and industries. The majority of our members are in the retail sector, but we also organize groups such as florists, hairdressers, storage and warehouse personnel, opticians, watchmakers, office staff and students in vocational training.

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