bakkersvak 2015 - Autotron, Rosmalen, 08 - 09 March 2015

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

Bakon Food Equipment

Bakon Food Equipment

Stand A1003

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4462GN Goes

Bakon food equipment, specialist in spraying, depositing and cutting equipment for the small, retail and industrial bakeries.


Product news

  • Bakon Compact Ultrasonic Slicer

    Less waste = more profit!

    With the Bakon ultrasonic slicing machines you are able to cut a wide range of products in the food industry.
    Our Compact Ultrasonic slicer improves the quality of your products. This commercial bakery machine will cut your cakes, pizza, cheese, pie or other food products. Faster and more efficient, generating less waste and give you more profit!

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