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Paardekooper Verpakkingen bv

Paardekooper Verpakkingen bv

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3260BB Oud Beijerland

Your total partner in packaging and disposables

Achievable and affordable packaging
Paardekooper has operated as a wholesaler in the national and international packaging market since 1919.
In recent years we have expanded into one of the largest players in the market. And yet we have always remained a close-knit family business with short lines of communication and close involvement with every order. Just like you, we are entrepreneurs. We know that every idea for updating must also be achievable and affordable. Which is why you can always be assured that we offer the best service and the keenest prices.

Packed with creativity and innovation
Paardekooper offers a complete range of standard packaging and disposables. But if you want to stand out with eye-catching, unique packaging – like the pop-up box - we’re also the right people to talk to.

Our packaging specialists are always happy to put their heads together with you to come up with innovative, custom-made and responsible packaging solutions.

Paardekooper can make a real contribution towards enhancing the perception of your brand, the positioning of your products and, not to forget, the achievement of your sustainability policy. From supplier to strategic partner – we believe in long-term collaboration.

From standard plastic packaging to luxury, custom-made packaging and everything in between. Come to Paardekooper and you’ve come to the right place. Curious about what Paardekooper could mean for you in concrete terms? Then act now and contact one of our packaging specialists.

Part of the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group
The Paardekooper Van der Windt Group is a family business that, with around 380 FTEs, achieves annual revenue of around € 250 million from packaging, disposables and business essentials. The Paardekooper Van der Windt Group is active in various markets including retail, food service, industry and the horticulture and agriculture sectors. Our total range includes over 40,000 articles.

Trendsetter in sustainability
With the introduction of Bright® the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group wants to boost eco-innovation through the development of the first quantitative comparison method for calculating products’ environmental impact.

CSR policy
Our CSR policy is based on our wish to make a practical contribution towards a better society. Mankind is facing global problems, such as explosive population growth, the exhaustion of natural resources and climate change. The best way we can make a contribution is via the products we sell every day.

Our ambition
The Paardekooper Van der Windt Group is a staunch champion of LCA-driven eco-innovation. Which is why we are calling on every enterprise in the business column to act together to achieve a maximum and measurable reduction of the environmental impact of packaging and disposables.


  • Your packaging as a marketing tool

    What do you think printed gift-wrapping paper and client-specific carrier bags are? Cost items or marketing tools? In both cases we want to make a difference for you. For example through cost reductions resulting from adjustments to material usage and smart logistics. Do you really want to stand out through your packaging? If so we want to inspire you with ideas and examples of packaging as marketing tools. Browse through our portfolio below and make an appointment with one of our advisors.

    Create, innovate and differentiate: the packaging as a marketing tool
    Client-specific packaging contributes towards brand recognition and a differentiating image. Our expertise and experience covers the entire spectrum of packaging management. From design to sourcing to production and logistics. Proof of our skills and references are included in a summarised portfolio below. The packaging is more than ever before a superb marketing tool for your company. Under the denominator ‘Designing & Styling’ we think up, design and produce the most differentiating packaging solutions for you.

    Whether you want an existing product to be revamped or a completely new packaging to be developed, Paardekooper’s specialists are at your service to make full use of all the possibilities of packaging as a marketing tool.

    Achieve more from your range of packaging and disposables and discover the surprising possibilities of Designing & Styling. Click here for more information. You can, of course, also make an appointment with one of our packaging specialists. We look forward to helping you further.

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