bakkersvak 2015 - Autotron, Rosmalen, 08 - 09 March 2015

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

D. van der Pol & Zonen B.V.

D. van der Pol & Zonen B.V.

Stand B1009

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4261TW Wijk en Aalburg

Van der Pol is one of the Netherlands’ largerst suppliers of butter, butter products en butterfigurines and market leader in the packaging of fresh, top quality butter. This butter is delivered in virtually every shape, size and quantity imaginable, supplying traditional users, industrial customers, the hotel and catering industry, and consumer markets both at home and abroad.

In addition to butter, Van der Pol is a major producer of fresh and frozen basic doughs such as puff pastry and croissant dough as well as bake-off products. Besides our standard range of products, we can also customise our products to suit a wide range of specific requirements. We can produce doughs in accordance with customer-specific recipes, for example, or have our product development department devise new recipes. The skilled food technologists at Van der Pol’s highly advanced test bakery will be pleased to welcome you to their facilities to create new, high-quality bakery products together with you.

Van der Pol, can boast of a more than 125-year tradition in the field of production and services, and we are proud to have been designated "BY APPOINTMENT TO THE COURT OF THE NETHERLANDS".


  • Croissantdough Freeze Tolerant

    Freeze Tolerant Croissant Dough
    Packaging: 2 x 7.5 kg in box
    Weight per box: 15 kg
    Article number: 03085

    Croissant dough prepared with butter and suitable to be frozen one more time after processing.
    Prepared according to the French method with 32 layers.
    Best results with a cold processing of about 4°C.

  • Puff Pastry and Croissant Dough

    For more than 40 years, Van der Pol has been the specialist in making puff pastries and croissant dough. The DPW dough is made of the best basic ingredients. Product development ensures the best quality and processing properties of the dough. All raw materials are carefully selected and Van der Pol works to the highest certification standards. The raw materials are pure and honest. We have a wide assortment so that we can always meet the needs of the customer.

Product news

  • NEW: Croissant Dough with 100% spelt flour

    Van der Pol will introduce Croissantdough made with 100% spelt flour during the Bakkervak exhibition.

    For more information please contact us. You can find all the details on

  • NEW: Puff pastry 100% Spelt flour

    In the beginning of March Van der Pol will introduce a new puff pastry produced with 100% Spelt flour.
    Please contact us for further information. Find all our details on

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