bakkersvak 2015 - Autotron, Rosmalen, 08 - 09 March 2015

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

Theo van Vliet Weesp bv

Theo van Vliet Weesp bv

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1381GJ Weesp

Delivery and installation from bakerymachines and ovens .
Used and new machinery and ovens


  • Planetery mixer Sinmag SM40 LS stainless steel

    Planetery mixer Sinmag 40 litre
    10 speeds
    Digital version

  • Baktec’s electronic water dosing and mixing appliance, model B1 CERES II

    Baktec’s electronic water dosing
    and mixing appliance, model B1 CERES II offers you that and more.
    The B1 CERES II has totally renewed hard- and software, equipped with the latest innovative techniques and parts. The Baktec B1 CERES II incorporates the latest technology developments for precise water metering with a deviation of only < 1%.
    Baktec’s electronic, thermostatic model are specially equipped with an industrial thermostat, which ensures the delivery of very accurate temperatures, even below 3ºC, The water temperature is indicated in decimal (during dosing).
    The service module operated from the control panel, enables you to eliminate tolerances of temperature and quantity. This way the B1 CERES II can be adapted to the specific conditions in your bakery. By pressing a button, you can add water to your dough, after your initial dose.
    The Model B1 CERES II is a compact unit, executed in stainless steel, the advantage of which is a longer life span and more hygiene in daily use. The B1 CERES II is easy to operate; specially designed with big digits for showing temperature (in red) and water quantity (in blue). In addition, reduced production costs make the B1 CERES II the most affordable water mixing- and measurement appliance of its kind.
    Baktec has a range electronic models available with a larger capacity (B1 CERES II Heavy Duty) and water dosing appliances (B1 CERES II ’S’ en B1 CERES Heavy Duty ’S’).

  • Pastel planetairy mixer 10 and 20 litre

    Pastel planetery mixer 10 and 20 litre complete
    3 speeds
    230 volt

  • Mondial Forni Domino oven 4T-6040

    Mondial Forni Domino oven 4T-6040 incl. steam and stone floor
    The high degree of insulation, the management of electrical power and the use of thermal reflecting glass guarantee reduced consumption for the oven.
    The new system for opening the doors reduces the overall oven dimensions. The heating elements with front connections make installation and control operations faster.
    Domino is a professional oven available in two versions, Active and Logic, satisfying the needs for simple and versatile use.
    The Domino Pizza oven adopts a set of technical solutions that make it essential for satisfying all needs for baking a true Italian pizza.
    Domino, because the design also becomes an expression of ourselves. Multiple realities, only one oven.
    For Mondial Forni, working together with different segments means developing complete and versatile products. The analysis of different processes, the design of the characteristics dedicated to energy savings, the attention to detail and development of an integrated design has been Mondial Forni commitment, which today is expressed in the Domino series.
    The Domino series is particularly suitable for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias and hotels.

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