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KOMA Koeltechnische Industrie B.V.

KOMA Koeltechnische Industrie B.V.

Stand D1001

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6045JE Roermond

KOMA Koeltechnische Industrie BV manufacturer of conservation systems for the food industry.
Baking is a challenge: the right constant temperature, even air circulation and relative humidity herein are of great importance. That's why KOMA offers advanced technical solutions. Our playing field however, is much larger than simply looking up the technical boundaries of the refrigeration and conditioning technology. First and foremost, we are concerned about quality and value. And how to answer the client's most pressing question in meeting high end core production standards and performance levels.


  • HN Cabinet line for shops and branche-stores

    KOMA offers a complete range from deep freezing to fully automatic conditioning. The series are characterised not only by its compact construction for sheets 60 x 40 cm and/or 60 x 80 cm but also by the renewed KOMA high quality standard. The cabinets are equipped with the K-Control computer including the option of remote monitoring.

  • Conditioned Rooms

    Air conditioned production rooms, packing areas et cetera can be individually designed according to the customers needs. Evaporator units with de-mountable fan motors and drip trays for optimal cleaning requirements according to H.A.C.C.P. regulations are delivered as standard.

  • Blast Freeze - Chill Spirals

    The KOMA spiral freezer, fridge, proofer - state-of-the-art transportation technique and powerful refrigeration technique allows for large hourly outputs at continuous automated production.

  • Horizontal Beltfreezers

    The TurboRunner is a linear belt freezing system for continuous production processes. The TurboRunner is designed for large hourly outputs and can be integrated into automated production lines via modern transportation techniques.

  • Blast Freezers/Chillers

    Massive construction, maximum cooling capacity, innovative evaporator constructions and intelligent air flow - these are the requirements towards a capable and powerful blast freezer. All these characteristics are combined in an impressive manner in the KOMA industrial blast freezers. Large hourly outputs are no problem
    Several types are available with direct or indirect air flow.

  • Storage Rooms for + and - temperatures

    Various freezers and fridges can be delivered in almost every requested size using 8, 12 or 16 cm thick PU panels. Rooms with swingdoors or sliding doors, combined rooms or stand alone units.
    Please contact your local KOMA representative for further information.

  • Proofers

    Plain proofers are available is various sizes and with various control systems, depending on the customers needs.
    This type of installation can also be delivered with a small cooling cycle to keep temperature and humidity level in range.

  • Retarder Proofer

    Dough conditioning and refrigeration of the best quality.
    The quality of the products coming out of a CDS has its reasons. The construction of the room and the technical components are decisive in achieving the superb quality.
    With the new K-Control computer the programming is all in your hands and you are able to custimize the temperature curve according to your exact requirements. The adjustable temperature range between -20°C and +40°C allows for miscellaneous variants of dough conditioning.

  • Storage Cabinets for + and - temperatures

    Several type of cabinets are available for storing products in + and - degrees such as RKVC and VHD Cabinets. Please contact the KOMA representative in your area for further information.

  • Patisserie Cabinets

    The KOMA SKHV-2 cabinet is especially designed for storing fancy cakes. Temperature range between -7°C and +18°C with integrated de-humidifier unit to keep the humidity level between 30 and 95% depending on the products stored inside.
    As new we introduce KOMA HN-2 cabinets. 2 doors cabinets for 40 x 60 cm trays. Available as fridge or freezing cabinets, ready to plug in or with separate cooling unit.

  • Storage Cabinets with Blast Freeze Section

    KOMA 80/20 blast freezing and storage cabinet.
    During blast freezing of products, the cabinet provides approx 80% of the capacity for the blast freezing section while 20% of the power is delivered to the remaining storage sections. All this is coordinated by the KOMA K-Control touch screen computer control

Product news

  • New cabinet line

    KOMA is introducing a complete new cabinet line in addition to the existing cabinet line.
    Cooling, freezing, blast freezing and recovery. It can all be done.
    The systems are designed for 40 x 60 cm trays and therefore very compact and ideal for use in shops, canteens, restaurant etc..
    The quality is of old. For further information please contact one of our representatives.

  • KOMA developments 2014-2015

    New developments 2014-2015

  • Greenbox

    Natural cooling gases

  • Natural Gases

    Energy efficient and safe systems

  • Upgrade TeleGuard-Krass IP

    Upgrade TeleGuard-Krass IP
    Koma's monitoring system now through Internet

  • New Generation Control Systems

    New generation remote control systems.
    Real time through Iphone, Ipad and Android

  • CHILL GREEN NATURAL REFRIGERANT: energy efficient and safe

    NATURAL REFRIGERANT: energy efficient and safe
    In cooling and conditioning, we use refrigerants.
    During recent years, legal regulations and operational
    demands regarding the use of greenhouse gasses and
    ozone-depleting materials have been tightened.
    Our system is based on circulating CO2 and can be applied
    to an installation of at least two machines (e.g. a fully
    automatic retarder prover system with recovery, chiller,
    shocker, cooling, etc.). This CO2-filled installation is powered
    by a propane-generator (roof installation, outdoors).
    Future expansions are easy to realize, and are comparable
    to a modular combined system. The home-developed
    and patented components have noticeably optimized
    the durability and the typical KOMA TLR-operation. This
    results in the energy saving of an average of 22%!

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