Bakkersvak 2016 - Autotron Rosmalen , 06 - 07 March 2016

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

Programme young talent at Bakkersvak

Sunday 6 March

10.30 - 14.30 Young talents at work!

Monday 7 March

10.00 - 14.30  School Battle

14.30              Start judging by Robèrt van Beckhoven & Hidde de Brabander

15.45             Prizegiving School Battle

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More about the programme

Young talent at work!

The Dutch Bakery sector includes a lot of talented bakers. At the first show day, Sunday 6 March, a selection of these talents will show their work live.

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School Battle at birthday party Bakkersvak

Several bakery students compete on behalf of their school against each other during the birthday party of Bakkersvak. Who will bake the tastiest, prettiest and most festive birthday cake?

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This programme is organized by NBOV