Bakkersvak 2016 - Autotron Rosmalen , 06 - 07 March 2016

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

Win a trip to...

At Bakkersvak you are able to make a trip in collaboration with Bakkers in Bedrijf with ‘Bread must travel’ and maybe win a real trip! You can find an exhibition at the showfloor with different products and atmospheres typical for that country. You can gain inspiration from different countries and use it for your own business because you discover more about the background of these products.

Before you are ‘boarding’, everybody gets a boarding pass. You can note on your personal pass which countries you like to visit. When you finished the exhibition, you can hand in your personal boarding pass in the prior of Bakkers in Bedrijf.

With the result of all boarding passes together, Bakkers in Bedrijf organizes a trip. Anyone can sign up for this trip. Eventually Bakkersvak and Bakkers in Bedrijf will give away a free trip for one of the lucky candidates.