Bakkersvak 2016 - Autotron Rosmalen , 06 - 07 March 2016

The national inspiration days for the artisan bakers

School battle

Monday March 7 will completely be in the light of the School Battle. Several bakery students from different schools will compete against other schools. Their mission: create the tastiest, prettiest and most festive birthday cake for Bakkersvak’s birthday party!

Every school delegates two pupils and one teacher off who perform this command. All teams get five hours to make an impressive creation within the assignment: ‘’Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Bakkersvak! Create a festive birthday cake for them!’’.

The birthday cake contains several mandatory components:

-           Incorproate the number five in it;

-           At least three floors, the height is free of choice;

-           It is allowed to bring the show element of the cake;

-           Only edible parts;

-           40 people should be able to eat a piece of the cake.


On the second showday Battle of Schools start at 10.00 am. The competition ends at 14.30 pm, whereafter the jury is directly going to judge.  The jury consists of Master Boulanger and Patissier Robèrt of Beckhoven and top patissier Hidde de Brabander. In addition to this jury, there is also a consumer jury, which assesses all birthday cakes. The awards ceremony will start at 15.45 pm.

Curious about this battle? Come and see what the talents of the future have to offer!