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cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG

cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co KG


76131 Karlsruhe

Identificación de productos del futuro - Made in Germany

cab marca los hitos tecnológicos en el desarrollo y la fabricación de máquinas y sistemas para el marcaje y la identificación de productos. Dentro de la familia de productos de cab se suman entre impresoras de códigos de barras también impresoras de etiquetas, sistemas de etiquetado y láseres de marcaje. Clientes de industria, servicios y comercio utilizan nuestras soluciones para la impresión de etiquetas, para el etiquetado y la identificación de productos y confían en nuestros elevados estándares de calidad.


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  • cab continues the successful history of its industrial label printers.

    cab continues the successful history of its industrial label printers. The further developed A+ printers are called SQUIX. The MACH 4S top loaders provide even more power and a slightly modified design.

    SQUIX printers are provided for 2“, 4“ and 6“ applications: SQUIX 2 for small labels and small footprint, the best-selling industrial device SQUIX 4 with comprehensive accessories, SQUIX 6 for Odette and UCC labels in the logistics sector. The materials are guided left-aligned. As for 4" applications, also devices with a centered material guide are available. With these it is possible to print on paper and plastic labels as well as on textile and continuous materials, wound on rolls or reels resp. fanfold. Mounting the applicators S1000 or S3200 enables the printers to automatically print and apply in production lines. SQUIX printers offer the interfaces and protocols to exchange information with master networks, production planning, PLC or external drives. Thus, they create opportunities in mechanical and electrical engineering to intelligently interact with the latest information and communication technologies, in short: Advanced Manufacturing.

    As regards the latest generation of MACH4 printers, the tried and tested principle to insert the materials from top in centered position in the device has been maintained. By this, no space is laterally needed when the cover of these printers open. The MACH 4S await with the power of the SQUIX series. A colored touch display replaces the former LCD display and cab navigator pad of the predecessors. The maximum print width is 108.4 mm, print speeds are up to 250 mm/s.

    In laser marking the professional XENO 1 solution offers precise and permanent marking of single workpieces and series. The desktop device provides enough working space even for large workpieces.
    The manual operation door is balanced.