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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
11 - 12/04/2018


Birkhäuser+GBC AG

Birkhäuser+GBC AG


4153 Reinach

Planning the future here and now

Birkhäuser+GBC AG in Reinach is a very diverse company. It provides synergetic solutions in print and in the digital environment.

In addition to all popular marketing communication products, the portfolio of Birkhäuser+GBC AG also includes very specific solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industry with a highly individualized standard.

With the expansion of the production and distribution channels in the pharmaceutical and food segments, Birkhäuser+GBC AG continues to position itself prominently as strategically distinct in these growth markets. The sensitivity and responsibility for these topics are reflected in the GMP and BRC/IoP certifications.

Birkhäuser+GBC AG – a media company with multiple potentials.

Birkhäuser+GBC AG. The Printing Tradition. The Digital Future.