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11 - 12/04/2018


Zanders GmbH

Zanders GmbH


51465 Bergisch Gladbach

Zanders is a German manufacturer of high quality speciality papers and boards developed especially for labels, packaging and graphical applications. Founded by Johann Wilhelm Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach in 1829, the company still operates the Gohrsmühle paper mill there today with around 500 employees.


Product news

  • Zanpack SBS cartons now also available in high basis weights up to 560 gsm

    Zanpack SBS cartons now also available in high basis weights up to 560 gsm: Zanders offers a complete range for excellent printing results and feel

    Zanders has further expanded its Zanpack portfolio: high basis weights of 450 gsm in Zanpack silk (one-side, double-coated) and Zanpack silk² (double-side, double-coated) as well as 490 and 550 gsm in Zanpack silk² are now available. These are particularly suitable for cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging as well as for premium quality confectionery, food and beverages and non-food items. In common with the previous grammages from 180 gsm, the high basis weights also have an exceptionally smooth and silky surface with an attractive appearance and a pleasant feel. Samples are now available to order via the Zanders website or from: info@zanders.com.

    The Zanpack portfolio comprises a total of five qualities. In addition to Zanpack silk and Zanpack silk², Zanpack touch is the secret star of the product family: the uncoated surface impresses with its pleasant, naturally-grainier feel. Zanpack touch is therefore especially recommended for brands intended to emphasize their natural, alternative orientation or to consciously avoid glossy packaging to stand out from established products. The range is rounded off by Zanpack silk digital for short, premium quality production runs, and the solid-colored Zanpack tinted board. All Zanpack grades are FSC®-certified and captivate with first-class printing results and outstanding processability.

    Earlier in January, Zanders announced the launch of Zanjet, a coated high-speed inkjet paper. The Zanjet gloss and Zanjet silk qualities enable the production of premium advertising materials in small quantities, for instance, full-color brochures, direct mail, softcover products or books, at comparatively low unit prices.

    The Zanpack qualities in detail:

    Zanpack silk with its exceptionally smooth surface is silky to the touch and presents an attractive appearance. The quality includes one-side, double-coated versions with functional reverse side treatment in grammages from 180 to 450 gsm. In addition to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, these qualities are equally well-suited to confectionary, food and beverages and tobacco packaging as well as non-food items and graphic applications.

    Zanpack silk² is a two-side, double-coated quality yielding a silky feel and identical printing results on the front and back. In this way, high-quality products especially, will benefit from an impressive outward appearance matched by perfection on the inside during opening. The quality is available in grammages from 240 to 560 gsm.

    Zanpack touch with its uncoated surface provides a pleasant, naturally-grainier feel. This makes it particularly suitable for brands that need to emphasize their ecological orientation. Zanpack touch is available in grammages from 240 to 340 gsm. The "Zanpack touch" perfume packaging was selected last year by Lürzer's Archive as one of the 200 best packaging designs worldwide ("200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide 2017/18"): The packaging design plays with the contrast of the shimmering color effect of the transparent hot foil with the tactile influence of the naturally-grainy Zanpack touch.

    Zanpack silk digital represents the digital printing quality in the range. Its impressively noticeable smooth, silky-matt surface provides the ideal basis for superb toner adhesion in a short time and achieves, in combination with its high-purity whiteness, an excellent print image. Zanpack silk digital is available in grammages of 220, 240 and 275 gsm.

    Zanpack tinted board is a gray solid-colored pulp board with a dark blue back and a white double-coated front. The quality is available in 265 gsm.

    Packaging samples, as well as sample folders and collections, can be requested free of charge from Zanders at: info@zanders.com.


  • Zanjet - Coated Inkjet Papers for high-speed inkjet

    Made in Germany: Zanjet is the new coated high-speed inkjet paper from Zanders. The Zanjet gloss and Zanjet silk versions, available in 90, 104, 115, 130, 150, 200, and 250 gsm grades, can be utilized in small print-runs for premium promotional materials at comparatively low unit prices. Suitable applications include: full color brochures, direct mail campaigns, transpromotional materials, softcovers, and books. Zanjet is already in utilization by two major German car brands for their automobile log books.

    Zanjet – when high speed meets inkjet
    Zanjet is a coated two side inkjet paper available for high speed commercial inkjet printing. Designed in cooperation with HP Inc. for use on the HP PageWide Web Presses, Zanjet meets strict ColorPRO Technology standards to offer optimized print performance, deliver superior quality, outstanding picture reproduction with maximum densities and pin-sharp detail at full press speeds. The two-sided application of a special ink-receiving layer allows extensive ink coverage combined with fast ink drying and more durable color fastness. At the same time, the paper retains its gloss. Excellent processing, refining and finishing properties complete the overall picture. Zanders, the German manufacturer of premium-quality specialty papers, has been producing the grade on a contract manufacturing basis since 2015. Now production and sales have become autonomous and on the back of many years of experience, a market-matured product can be offered directly, combining high levels of productivity with the best printing results at attractive prices.

    The website zanders.com provides detailed information about specifications, certificates and sample orders. Trial reels can be ordered now, the full range being available in February. Contact: Sales Coordinator Guido Korff, guido.korff@zanders.com.