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Ehemann Verpackungen

Ehemann Verpackungen


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1866 to the beginning of industrialization, Eduard Ehemann started his own business with a bindery. In the first decades cigar packaging and cartridges were manufactured partly as individual pieces. The First World War, the subsequent years of crisis and the Second World War called the entrepreneurial skill of Eduard Ehemann and his successors Jacob and Alfred Zimmermann. In these decades, the need for packaging was given.
The move to larger premises in 1950 signaled the transition from craft business to an industrial company. In these years, high-quality packaging were partly mechanically prefabricated and then coated manually produced in long runs for renowned German companies and brands.
In many areas Ehemann Verpackungen was in the following decades until today including the leader and pioneer in terms of the fully automated production coated packaging. Ehemann Verpackungen with the following generations Gerhard and Jago Zimmermann recognized the signs of the times and invested in 1995 as the first company in its sector in Germany in the fully automatic enrobing lines of Emmeci. This step resulted in the highest quality and flexibility in the field of luxury packaging for consumer and industrial giftware.
Highest standard of technology and innovation strength draws from the family today. Here, Ehemann Verpackungen oriented to correspond with the needs of its customers. The latest innovation meant that now coated packaging with "sharp edges" or 90 degree edges, packaging can be produced fully automatically according to the I-Phone.
With the 2009 established subsidiary core packaging today also quality Paper carrier pockets and magnetic packaging in the Far East are made for the premium brands. In order for the entire packaging range is covered.
Ehemann Verpackungen has evolved in the past 150 years for full-serive company that today covers from brainstorming, through the development, production and distribution all areas. Much has changed in the past 150 years, but on all generations of the family business was the pioneering


Product news

  • boxes with sharp edges

    sharp edged, angular and quality
    The market needs adapted this new gift packaging.
    Since 2015 provides Ehemann Verpackungen them, so far only be produced by hand and used in the mobile phone sector packaging with true 90 - degree edges, now mechanically and automatically ago.