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Storopack Schweiz AG

Storopack Schweiz AG


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Storopack is a specialist in protective packaging.

Its product portfolio includes customized, flexible protective packaging solutions and their integration in customer packaging processes.

This globally active company group based in Metzingen in Germany comprises two business divisions: Molding and Packaging.

Packaging Division

The Packaging Division offers flexible protective packaging systems encompassing air cushions (AIRplus®), paper pads (PAPERplus®), PU-foam-in-place packaging systems (FOAMplus®) and Loose Fill (PELASPAN® and PELASPAN® BIO) packaging materials. It supplies demand-driven equipment solutions covering everything from single workstations through to the design and implementation of packaging lines integrated into a company’s intralogistics and equipped with manual, semi- and fully automated infeed packaging systems. Specialized application engineers of Storopack ensure that the entire work flow takes place in keeping with economic and ergonomic principles (working comfort) in order to constantly improve the customers’ protective packaging process.

The Packaging Division is represented by locations in North America, Europe and Asia. The products are available through dealers in over 40 countries.

Molding Division

The Molding Division is a specialist in customized protective packaging solutions and technical moldings made of expanded foam such as EPS (Styropor® und Neopor®) and EPP (ARPRO®), catering to a wide range of different industrial sectors.

The materials are made particularly attractive by a range of benefits including insulation, shock absorption, durability and low weight. In our Technology Center, we design moldings using state-of-the-art technologies such as CAD development, CNC prototyping and tool design. Testing facilities include a drop testing system and climatic chamber. Our complete production process is designed to be environmentally friendly and uses water vapor.

Our Molding Division is present in Europe and China with certified producing locations.


Product news



    Metzingen, July 2017. The protective packaging specialist Storopack finished the year 2016 with its sales up. The Metzingen-based group generated sales totaling 434 million euros last year with its 2,513 employees. This equates to a year-on-year increase of 18 million euros and growth of four percent, adjusted from five percent for exchange rate effects. In its two Divisions Molding and Packaging, Storopack develops flexible and customized protective packaging solutions, packing line and workstation concepts, and technical molded parts for various industries.

    “We’re very happy with how business developed last year, when we continued on our growth trajectory,” says Hermann Reichenecker, managing partner of Storopack. “More goods were packed and shipped overall in the industrialized countries in particular, and this had a positive impact on our business performance. In fact, we are currently growing more quickly than the market.” Broken down by regions, around 85 percent of total sales turnover were generated jointly by Europe and North America. The largest increases in sales were recorded in North and South America last year, with sales growing by 8.5 and 8.8 percent respectively.

    New Location in Australia
    At the beginning of 2016, Storopack acquired 100 percent of the shares in its long-standing Australian sales partner Intellipack Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. (Intellipack) in Seven Hills near Sydney, thereby opening its first facility in Oceania. Prior to this, Intellipack, which now operates under the name Storopack Australia Pty Ltd., successfully marketed Storopack’s AIRplus® and PAPERplus® product lines in Australia and New Zealand, and developed integrated packing systems. “This acquisition was an important step for us as it expanded our presence in Asia-Pacific and means we are now even closer to our customers in the region. Making ourselves available locally as an expert point of contact is part and parcel of how we see ourselves,” says Hermann Reichenecker. Storopack currently has 64 locations in 18 countries.

    Focus on the Customers’ Needs
    In the current fiscal year too, Storopack is adhering to the principles that made its growth to date possible. “The key to our success lies first and foremost in our systematically adapting to our customers’ needs,” says Hermann Reichenecker. “Whether it’s with new products like our AIRplus® Wrap or the development of packaging lines and packing station concepts, in our Packaging division we focus at all times on our customers’ entire protective packaging processes, to continually improve their productivity. In the Molding Division, we began to specialize in our customers’ areas of industry back in 2015 so as to offer them even better support based on sound industry expertise. We will continue on this path.”




    Metzingen, May 2017. The protective packaging specialist Storopack has addeda space-saving substitute for traditional bubble wrap to its portfolio, with AIRplus® Wrap film. Thanks to its innovative format, AIRplus® Wrap film lends itselfespecially well to wrapping delicate products: its flexible, wave-like structureallows items to be wrapped tightly. As a result, fragile and delicate products ofvarying sizes are now even better protected from shocks, scratches and damage.Another advantage is its on-demand production, with the packer creatingthe air pillows according to their needs directly at the packing station. This givesit the edge over ready-inflated bubble wrap which is delivered on large rolls,takes up a lot of storage space and has to be continuously transported to thepacking station.

    AIRplus® Wrap film can be produced on the compact Storopack machine systemsAIRplus® Mini and AIRplus® GTI, and is available in two formats: 400 ×175 millimetres (wrap film 19d) and 710 × 175 millimetres (wrap film 36d). Thewrap is particularly suited to fragile products and items which are not prepackaged.It only takes a few manual moves to cover an item in the wrap.

    Low process and storage costs
    ‘The aim in developing AIRplus® Wrap film was to wrap items even more tightly,for greater product protection. We have achieved this thanks to its special wavelikestructure. The film is also a clever alternative for wholesalers and producerswho still rely on large rolls of ready-inflated bubble wrap,’ says Michael Spicker, AIR product manager at Storopack. ‘This is because process and storage costscan be reduced by only producing air pillows according to requirements directlyat the packing station.’ AIRplus® Wrap film joins the existing portfolio of AIRplus® products, including Void for large air pillows used to fill voids, Cushion withsmaller air pillows for blocking and bracing and for cushioning, and Bubble withround air chambers for wrapping items: all of these wraps can be produced directlyat the packing station and can therefore be easily incorporated into anypacking process.