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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
11 - 12/04/2018


GPS Reisacher GmbH & Co. KG

GPS Reisacher GmbH & Co. KG


87730 Bad Grönenbach

GPS Reisacher is a world-wide regarded company for new and using machines within the ranges "food technology and packing systems", considered world-wide.
The firm location Bad Grönenbach in the middle of Central Europe does not only serve as stock- and distribution place for the numerous machines and systems, meanwhile with a complete service center a further authority center was established and constantly developed.
In addition, GPS Reisacher supplies and supports all seven continents with solutions for the food and packaging industry.
A goal for the future is it, to obtain by additional establishment of regional sales and service centers in all countries, a still better customer service and a higher efficiency with the service achievements.

Range of Products / Services:
Machinery Trading :
• Slicers
• Vacuum-packaging machines
• Packaging machines
• Cup filling and closing machines
• Meat processing machines
• Dairy processing machines
• Machinery for fish & convenience food

Spare Parts/Accessories:
• by original manufacturers
• by third parties
• by own manufacturing

Manufacturing/Reconditioning :
• Reconditioning of used machines for trading
• Reconditioning on customer demand

• Execution of service orders
• Starting up and shutting down of machinery
• Technical services at home and abroad
• Maintenance/Reconditioning
• Assembly and disassembly of component groups
• Organisation of machinery relocations

• Design works (SolidWorks 3D)
• 3D programming using EdgeCam
• Mechanical manufacturing (drilling and milling)
• Mold and die production
• Single item production
• Small-scale production