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MCH Messe Schweiz - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland
11 - 12/04/2018


Corpac AG Cortec-VpCI Corrosion Protection System

Corpac AG   Cortec-VpCI Corrosion Protection System


9220 Bischofszell

Officially authorized Cortec VpCI-importer/distributor SWITZERLAND. Cortec Corporation Partner USA (developer/producer VpCI-products). Trade with VpCI-corrosion protection products for in-house production processes, surface preparation, storage, preservation & export shipping containers. Delivers in the following industries: Machinery & Equipment, watch making, automotive & suppliers, printing machinery manufacturing, steel industry, electronics sector, construction sector, energy sector (power plants, etc.), aeronautics, armaments sector. Application & Packaging consulting, application & climate chamber tests, laboratory studies, trainings / seminars, product and safety data sheets, brochures and documentation. VpCI-pretreatment / Wrap & Conservation products in a dry, water-based & oily fashion.


Product news

  • New Brochure Available: VpCI's for Automotive Industry

    The latest information on VpCI products for automotive applications put together in the new Cortec brochure.

  • New Brochure - VpCI Technology for Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries

    In these industries one needs Green, Eco, Non-hazardous and Bio products with Cortec VpCI's for corrosion protection because environment matters. Get to know more about this topic.

  • New Brochure - VpCI High Performance Lubricants

    Discover the VpCI's built in Greases, Metalworking Fluids, Oils & other Lubricants. Packagaing is just one chapter. Again there's more to Cortec VpCI products when it comes to High Performance Lubricants.

  • Coatings Brochure - Powered by Nano VpCI

    Micro Corrosion is the topic! With inhibiting VpCI Coatings we can avoid it. Read more in this interesting brochure.

  • New Brochure - VpCI Technology for Aircraft, Aviation & Aerospace Industries

    One more highly interesting new brochure for VpCI's for Aircraft, Aviation & Aerospace Industries. You can see that Cortec VpCI's can be used in any industrial field.

  • New Brochures - VpCI Additives for a Variety of Applications

    Discover the new brochures with VpCI Additives for Cleaners & Degreasers, Metalworking & Hydraulic Fluids, Lubricants & Greases, Fuels-Crude Oil & Natural Gas.