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For 40 years Schaffner & Conzelmann, «denkort» and «designersfactory» has been focusing on essential questions in relation to transmitting information in various types. We develop interdisciplinary concepts to convey know-how, messages and brand images, away from the usual methods of communication thinking and advertising schedules.

We follow the developments and trends and have equipped hundreds of products with their new appearances. Additionally, we are proud that some of our designs got awarded and were and still are successful on the shop shelves.

Packaging design – a discipline between design obligation and design freestyle with growing importance in the increasing online market. The first sight decides.


Product news

  • coop – Naturaline Men

    Irrespective of the fact that young men are increasingly paying more attention to their appearance, men's cosmetics are all the trend now. Brought on by a generation of beard-wearing hipsters who spend a great deal of their time every day on beard grooming, creams and lotions are a must. The new men's product line from Naturaline Cosmetics which we graced with an extremely puristic design serves to enlarge the range by a further line. Increasing Naturaline's basic range by one Men line presented a challenge. However, we were successful in retaining the character of the existing product line. The illustration was re-drawn for the Men line and underscores the link with nature. In a free, abstract way, the lines are reminiscent of tree bark.