Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH

Securikett Ulrich & Horn GmbH


A-2482 Münchendorf

SECURIKETT® is a leading provider of physical and digital security solutions to protect original and brand products and detect illicit trade. The products and services of SECURIKETT® are unique by their tailor made and layered security concept.

SECURIKETT® provides proof of origin by its One-Stop-Shop concept - tamper evidence against manipulation or reuse, rapid and definite means of authentication, as well as traceability and identification by unique codes. Main technologies are being developed in house and are patent protected. The range of products includes seals for folding boxes and shipping cartons, labels for identification and logistics, product labels, fashion hang tags and woven labels with unique codes, and many more.

CODIKETT® is a web-based authentication and identification system, offering flexible identity services for brands and customers. It ensures that original products can be identified and tracked within seconds. CODIKETT® makes track & trace and inventory management possible throughout the entire distribution chain.

SECURIKETT® solutions are found in the luxury, spirits, pharmaceutical, technical and automotive industry, as well as in many other industries. SECURIKETT® is supplying to more than 35 countries worldwide.


Product news

  • Ceremonial opening of the new SECURIKETT building

    The new headquarters of SECURIKETT®, including the production building, was officially opened on 9th of November 2017. SECURIKETT® moved all its production facilities and administration to the new site in Münchendorf, close to Vienna.

    The new factory with production, warehouse, administration wing and the so-called "casino" (recreation area and kitchen) offer employees a better workplace. Investments have also been made in new printing technology. This allows SECURIKETT® to improve its current production and, most importantly, to develop new highly innovative solutions for product security. For the upcoming years, there is still room for additional machines and more capacity and more space for research and development. Innovation and development work are an integral part of the SECURIKETT® strategy.

    The managing directors are convinced that the new building provides a solid basis for SECURIKETT®'s next step forward to further develop the market of product authentication and identification, thus product safety.


  • How Tangle Teezer® benefit of smart packaging in the daily business.

    Tangle Teezer®, a leading supplier of LifeStyle hairbrushes (> 250 products in 70 countries), uses CODIKETT® for physical and digital product security, global grey market control, GEO tracking and direct customer communication.
    The company also employs the CODIKETT® Cloud Platform to digitize their distribution channels. Every accredited distributor is able to share its incoming/outgoing goods with the CODIKETT® system - across all packaging levels. Data is fully integrable into existing ERP systems or with pre-configured hand scanners.
    TT uses the system to reduce time-to-market, align production capacities with predicted demand, and control shrinkage and undesirable flows of goods. Data analysis also supports sales and marketing.
    "CODIKETT® is no longer just a product security solution - it is much more as it offers an important increase in efficiency for our worldwide distribution management, production planning and numerous other processes," according to TT.