Rondo Ganahl AG

Rondo Ganahl AG


6820 Frastanz

Rondo Ganahl Aktiengesellschaft is an Austrian family business with a rich tradition, which has its roots in 1797.

Reliability, long-therm thinking and a responsible attitude to resources enable us to create permanent relationships with customers, colleagues, suppliers and the public. Our organisational structure is deliberately simple, making us quick and efficient. Our managerial responsibility is extensively distributed, allowing us to take local conditions into account to a large degree. Our key business is manufacturing corrugated board packaging and recycled corrugated case material and collecting paper and packaging.

Our corrugated board plants in Frastanz (Austria/Vorarlberg), St.Ruprecht (Styria), Budapest (Hungary), Apahida/Cluj and Târgoviste (Romania) and Istanbul (Turkey) shape the market. All activities are aimed at taking new developments into account and meeting the current requirements of our customers as quickly as possible.

The Frastanz paper mill produces recycled corrugated case material from 100% waste paper and with its white and mottled testliner products, takes a leading role in the main markets of Germany and Austria.

The Zimmermann recycling plant in Hall/Tyrol deals with the collection, sorting and processing of waste paper for recycling in paper mills. The use of state-of-the-art technology in all our factories, years of know-how and the strenghts of a dynamic, medium-sized family business are the basis for the ongoing and continued development of our operations.

Meeting our customers`wishes is one of the fundamental principles of our company!