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In an increasingly complex and globalized logistics & distribution landscape, being able to accurately track & monitor assets as they move throughout the supply chain can be a huge advantage for businesses - for efficiency gains, visibility, transparency and client experiences.
Up until now the use of tracking devices has been held back by their high power consumption, low battery life, and lack of international and global coverage, making them expensive and impractical to use in many situations.
Due to continued innovations with Internet-of-Things technology, this dynamic is changing, enabling enterprises to efficiently follow assets and create new services for goods and assets wherever they are in the supply chain.

HELIoT SA is empowering the Internet-of-Things in Switzerland for predictive, low-energy, long-autonomous life and cost-effective results with our global 0G IoT network by deploying and operating the world-leading Sigfox LPWAN (low-power wide area network) technology.

As the IoT market maker, HELIoT SA is driven by 3 base principles:
Global, Simple, Reliable.

Product news

  • The Sigfox 0G Network on track to establishing a standard

    Paris, France – Feb 19th, 2019 – 2018 was marked by strong growth for Sigfox, the first global 0G network, confirming its leadership in small data collection. The French-based company has now validated its unique standard with major industries and key players trusting Sigfox as the world’s leading small data provider.

    Sample milestone reached by the company:
    Expansion of its network to 60 countries through its Sigfox Operators joining the largest IoT ecosystem in the world.

    The dynamic market has been enhanced with Sigfox’s unique value proposition based on robust technology and plug-and-play solutions. In 2018, Sigfox signed major deals with industry-leading companies including Dachser, Getrak, Michelin, NEC, Netstar, PSA/IBM and Total for asset tracking, demonstrating that Sigfox is 100% a viable solution to digitalize industrial patrimony. Tier one manufacturers in the automotive and mobile industries, Alps and LiteOn also joined the Sigfox ecosystem....

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