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As a leading sensors specialist and system partner, Balluff boasts decades of close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the packaging industry. Moreover, with its 30 years of experience in the industry of RFID identification technology, Balluff ranks among the world’s top providers of industry-proven LF, HF and UHF solutions. Balluff offers a full range of high-quality sensors, tracking and identification systems, as well as networking and connectivity solutions for all areas of factory automation.
Cutting-edge solutions for everything relating to the IO-Link communication standard are one of Balluff’s specialities. Typical IO-Link devices not only provide a streamlined installation, parametrisation and commissioning process, but also a vast number of troubleshooting and maintenance options.


Product news

  • Fieldbus modules with 4 IO-Link ports

    At this year's SPS IPC DRIVES Balluff will introduce the new 4-port masters with four IO-Link ports for Profinet, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. These offer all the advantages of IO-Link in a compact package and feature 32 bytes of process data per port. This means a total of 128 bytes of parameters and/or acyclic diagnostics data can be sent. The modules use the IO-Link ports to process both analog and digital data in both directions (In/Out). The IO-Link mini-masters are available with IO-Link port Class A* and Class B**.

    By connecting four cascadable sensor hubs up to 124 I/Os can be operated, representing a significant cost savings compared with the traditional solution using standard fieldbus modules. Other features include an integrated 2-port switch for extending the network and a Web server.

    Always know what's happening
    Integrated into a rugged zinc die-cast IP 67 housing,k the modules can withstand even the harshest environments. Large
    and highly visible LEDs on each I/O port provide status information and enable easy error diagnostics: red LEDs for example indicate a short-circuit, undervoltage, IO-Link configuration errors etc. The diagnostics bits can also be sent to the controller.

    Web server
    The integrated Web server is an interesting feature for diagnostics and parameterizing. A standard Web browser not only provides access to comprehensive information about the current status of the modules such as IP address, operating and error status, but also allows all devices connected to the IO-Link ports to be conveniently parameterized remotely.


  • First integrated safety solution via IO-Link

    Balluff is the first in the world to offer equipment manufacturers a simple-to-integrate, cost-saving safety solution based on IO-Link and Profisafe. Safety over IO-Link combines automation and safety in one system and represents efficient safety concepts from one source. Safety over IO-Link offers the proven IO-Link advantages such as simple data transport and information exchange, high flexibility and universal applicability. A logical step in the direction of economical Industry 4.0 for users and for Balluff.

    With integrated safety solutions and their own safety components, Balluff is now able to meet the demands of automation and safety equally. Safety over IO-Link from Balluff is open to the sensor level: Balluff safety components as well as safety devices from other manufacturers can be connected to the Balluff-developed I/O module, the yellow safety hub, using inexpensive standard M12 cable. Even standard components such as binary sensors can be bundled via the new safety I/O module. The module is connected to an IO-Link master, with safe communication with the control level provided by Profisafe/Profinet. Safety-relevant data are transferred through the master directly to the safety controller using the so-called tunneling procedure. Safety requirements up to PLe / SIL3 can be achieved.

    Parameters are configured centrally using the programming interface of the controller. The simple and transparent system structure saves time and money in cabling, reduces the space requirement in the control cabinet, and enables leaner system concepts. The high degree of standardization results in savings over the entire life cycle of the machine. With Safety over IO-Link applications can be adapted quickly and easily to changing requirements. Both equipment manufacturers and users thus benefit equally.