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Zehnder Group Schweiz AG


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Zehnder Clean Air Solutions offers you a flexible air purification service tailored to your requirements. Clean air helps you benefit from smoother running processes and a healthier working environment. This all contributes to a more reliable and
efficient delivery to your own customers as well as a reduction of your overall costs.


Product news

  • Safeguard your corporate image with an industrial air purification system

    Think about how quickly we form impressions of people before we even meet them. Until we have more information at hand, we judge based on external factors and this applies to how we engage with brands too. Read more about how you safeguard your corporate image.


  • Think lean – a clean factory is good for your business

    Implementing a methodology as 5S is a great start to increasing the overall performance of your business. A clean factory will benefit your business in many ways.


  • Create a healthy working environment and reduce your employees’ sick leave

    Are your employees taking sick leave quite often? Read our blog to find out how to create a healthy working environment and improve your productivity.


  • Keep your warehouse warm with Zehnder industrial air purification

    Do your warehouse heating costs sky-rocket in winter with no real added benefit? Read our blog to find out how industrial air purification can reduce your expenses.