Collamat AG

Collamat AG


4132 Muttenz

Professional labelling solutions. Quality and reliability

Collamat is focused on providing labelling solutions with simple constructions, easy handling and professional design.

Quality means reliability

Collamat has produced labelling machines since 1958. We have sold over 80,000 machines and solutions in over 40 different countries. This has been made possible by putting quality first and because total reliability is what our customers want from our machines and solutions.

Close to the customer, close to the market

We want to be close to our customers and the market. Close to the customer to ensure we provide the quality and service they expect. Close to the market to keep up to date with the new requirements and expectations made of us.

A cohesive value chain means reliable delivery

By bringing R&D, production, service and sales under one roof in Switzerland, we have control over the entire value chain. What that means for our customers is that we can guarantee quality, delivery on time and the level of service expected.

Sales throughout the world

We have successfully been represented on the world market since 1960. This has been possible because we listen, and use the inspiration and know-how a worldwide network can give to develop our products and organisation