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Becker Vacuum Pumps - Compressors is an independently managed, traditional and at the same time forward-focussed, internationally oriented company. One of our corporate strengths is to offer tailor-made and innovative customer and product solutions at the highest quality level. The customer defines the standard for the quality of our products and services. That is why we are committed to the continuous further development of our products and processes, to the individual customer requirements as well as to the satisfaction of our customers. For Becker, the environment and energy form two main pillars, which take account of the sustainable use of resources over the product life cycle. The acquisition of energy-efficient products, which are designed to improve energy-related performance, is correspondingly supported. The basis for this is the fulfilment of appropriate requirements / binding obligations, which include the use of energy, energy consumption and energy efficiency from the environmental point of view. Headquarters of Gebr. Becker GmbH is Wuppertal in Germany. With two DIN EN ISO 9001 certified production sites in Germany, 16 international subsidiaries and other commercial agents, Becker is well represented worldwide.


Product news


    Equipped with completely newly developed vanes, these oil-free VX rotary vane pumps distinguish themselves by high abrasion resistance and with that extremely long service lives. And since no dust develops where there is virtually no wear, the devices of the Series X are perfectly suited for precision processes under clean room conditions.

    The latest innovation branded by Becker is outstanding not only because of its 100 percent oil-free operation, excellent degree of efficiency and low power consumption. In the area of sensitive vacuum, Series X also guarantees precise low-pulsation air conduction.

    And to top that, Becker offers for the first time full warranty of at least 20,000 maintenance-free operating hours for this innovation - a guarantee for top technology with the following advantages:

    • quick, clean, quiet
    • oil-free
    • vibration stable
    • wear resistant
    • energy saving
    • long-life reliable


  • Screw vacuum pumps

    Ultimate pressure <0,1 mbar abs (as well from cold start situation)
    Large suction flow even at high vacuum ensures fastest evacuation within direct comparison with other working principles
    Clean, dry and wear free compression (100% oil free compression chamber)
    Quick and easy installation as well as integration into the system controller (no cooling water required)
    Integrated VARIAIR inverter
    Significant efficiency increase for alternating operation point
    Demand driven power requirement via vacuum constant function and PID loop control, ideal for initial centralisation of your vacuum supply


  • VADS 250 O2 PACK Screw vacuum pump

    New trends in the packaging industry

    Becker introduces the new VADS 250 O2 PACK dry rotary screw vacuum pump custom built for the modern packaging industry - especially for modifed atmosphere packaging (MAP) as well as conventional packaging. The Becker VADS 250 O2 PACK gives accurate control of your process and decrease your operating cost. The VADS 250 O2 PACK provides the following advantages:

    Clean, dry and wear free compression
    BAM tested (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing)
    Intelligent VARIAIR technology
    Air cooled
    Immediate ultimate vacuum (1x 10-1 mbar)
    Large suction flow even at high vacuum level
    Quick, easy installation and integration into your system
    Ideal for smart centralization of your vacuum supply


  • Becker U5. MAP

    The new name in high performance vacuum pumps – Becker U5.

    Specifications for Food packaging are diverse and evermore demanding. With more than 130 years of expertise in development and manufacturing of vacuum pumps, we have designed a new model range, far exceeding your expectations - Becker U5.

    Specially designed for MAP
    No increase in footprint compared to Standard
    High efficient triple stage oil Separation
    Designed for the use of oxygen resistant oil for MAP process
    Fastest pump-down times in direct comparison
    Ultimate pressure < 0.1mbar abs.
    Smooth surfaces for quick, easy and hygienic cleaning
    Lower installed motor power in direct comparison
    High efficiency (IE3)
    Best in class oil separation