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Schur Star Systems


24941 Flensburg

Schur®Star Systems GmbH is one of Europe's premier providers of complete solutions in flexible packaging.

With the experience and know-how gained over several decades, we supply European industry with customized packaging solutions.

Due to our size we play a key role in the Pan-European market. Our presence in individual European markets makes us an attractive partner to local industry.

From the beginning, we take our customers by the hand to help them create new attractive designs, brand new bag designs or even completely new packaging solutions.


Product news

  • Simplicity in the packing process with the Schur®Star Concept

    By employing the Schur®Star Concept, the packaging process of the large range of cereals, pulses, seeds, and dried mushrooms has been made more efficient.
    “On the occasion of our 200th anniversary we decided to streamline our production process and to upgrade our packaging – and perfect unity was created when we were introduced to the Schur®Star Concept”, says Thomas Morin, Industrial Director at Sabarot Wassner. “Not only did we simplify the packing process by introducing pre-made bags, we also increased production capacity, we reduced manning and last, but not least: We have updated and sophisticated the packaging solution for two of our brands – with more to come.”


  • Introducing the Schur®Star Piping Bag for Foie Gras Mousse: Sophistication and simplicity in perfect unity

    The Schur®Star Piping Bag is the perfect packaging solution, as the bag not only holds and promotes the product, it also works as dosing and decoration tool.
    The foie gras is filled in a fully automatic packing process and the length of the filling line makes it possible to employ double filling, resulting in increased production capacity despite the delicate product. After filling, the bags are pasteurized and finally a thermal transfer printer adds sell-by date and product identification codes. The Schur®Star Piping Bag was developed for pastry and semi-liquid products like sauce, mayonnaise, jam, whipped cream, and icing. Laminate constructions with excellent barrier properties are available, offering optimal storage capabilities for the specific product. If required, a rigid nose cone, possibly with a reclosable cap, can be inserted into the bag before the product is filled; also features like suspension holes, a reclosable zipper and a nick for easy opening are available.


  • High convenience solution from Patatas Hijolusa in Schur®Star Microwavable Bag

    With an increasingly hectic lifestyle, today’s consumer prefers products that are easy to bring home, easy to handle, and easy to prepare. In line with this trend, Schur®Star Systems is providing the market with a practical microwavable bag solution. When home, having prepared the potatoes directly in the microwave for only 7 minutes, the consumer easily opens the bag by the incorporated laser score, and the healthy prepared potatoes are ready to enjoy.
    Patatas Hijolusa’s microwave-ready baby potatoes packed in the microwavable bag solution are available at approximately 3,000 retailers. During the packing process, a thermal transfer printer adds the expiry date to the bag, as well as product traceability details, ensuring that this information will reach the consumer in perfect condition.


  • Perfect for the FIFA football World Cup: Snack tomatoes in a sporty Schur®Star bag

    Just in time for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018, two large Swiss vegetable marketers are launching their snack tomatoes on the market with a striking packaging design: The Schur®Star bag shaped like a T-shirt to match the globally popular event. It’s perfect because fans all over the world will spend hours in front of the screen in the coming weeks following their teams and spoiling themselves with all sorts of goodies and snacks. And of course they will want a bag that displays their national colours. It aims to address football fans as well as health-conscious consumers. The sophisticated Schur®Star concept allows vegetable marketers to quickly and easily change bags to other designs after the World Cup - or to bags shaped like a star, heart or any other shape. And it’s just as easy to change to classic formats such as the stand-up bag with carrier handle and reclosability.