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3008 Bern

KUMAGRA is the Swiss adhesive specialist for the graphic arts and packaging industry. In addition to high-quality adhesives, a variety of sensible and practical supplementary products are offered around the topic of bonding. The cornerstones of the success are short delivery times as well as a comprehensive application engineering know-how.


Product news

  • 2017 - Advantra 9280 EU - the new problem solver for the bonding of difficult surfaces

    Achieve excellent performance on your folding carton sealing, bag-in-box and generally difficult to bond substrates. Advantra® 9280 EU hot melt adhesive keeps high memory boards closed and resists high shrink wrapping temperatures, enabling damage free delivery of your goods.


  • 2018 - BAG FIX - Pallet securing for cartons and paper bags

    This system has been designed for the application of water-soluble and solvent-free Grip Fix-adhesive for pallet securing. The complex is located in the inlet of the palletizer. A light button recognizes this pack and 2 guns apply 0.5 - 2 grams of GRIP FIX ™ to the package.
    Pressing each layer with the palletizer is easy as most GRIP FIX-types do not adhere to metal.

  • 2018 - Advantra low migration hot melt adhesives

    Your low migration adhesives of choice!
    • Premium packaging adhesives
    • Improved the quality, safety and efficiency for the best overall value
    • Technical support and training for all adhesive topics
    • Over 130 years of adhesive regulatory and formulation expertise
    • Careful selection of raw materials according to current and expected legislation
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