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Vision Partners

Vision Partners


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Vision Partners is a leading provider and integrator of industrial machine vision systems, LED machinery luminaires and provides vision software engineering for production automation.
We work closely with customers to improve the quality and their production processes thru vision camera solutions.
Vision Partners is part of the Sensor Groep (www.sensor-groep.com).


Product news

  • Sealscout - the in-line leak detection for packaging -, in full production

    A good airtight packaging is of great importance to get the food fresh and tasteful at the consumer's home. In-line and non-contact inspection of the seal seam - immediately after sealing the packaging - is crucial for quality assurance.

    The airtightness of the seal joint produced is determined by the correct operation of the sealing machine and depends on the temperature, pressure and time applied, for example. Deviations such as contamination between the seal seam, wrinkles or folds in the foil, contaminated seal bars and the course of the seal machine give a different thermal profile of the seal joint produced.

    With the help of a thermal imager, every sealed package is checked in-line for thermal deviations of the sealing seam. With various detection methods it is determined whether the measured temperature profile of the seal seam is within the set tolerance limits.

    The Sealscout solution from Vision Partners is in '' full production '' at, among others, a supplier in the Tapas segment.