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Arne Beurlings Torg 5 
164 40 Kista

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Days Opening hours Closing hours
2th October 2019 09:00 17:00
3th October 2019 09:00 16:00

Find your way to Packaging Innovations

From Arlanda Airport

The easiest commute from Arlanda to Kistamässan is by train, going to Stockholm. Jump off at Helenelunds station (which will take you approx. 20 minuter). From Helenelund station you have a five minute walk to Kistamässan. Just follow the signs.

Another alternative is taking a taxi. The taxi parking is right outside the airport.

From Bromma Airport

The most convinient way from Bromma Airport to Kistamässan is going by the bus.

Another alternative is just like with Arlanda Airport - take a taxi. The taxi parking is right outside the airport.

Public transport

Take the tram blue line 11 from T-centralen to Akalla. Drop off by Kista (after approx. 17 minuter). From Kista Centrums station you have about 12 minutes walk to get to Kistamässan.

Take the train from Stockholm central to Upplands Väsby or Märsta. Get off at Helenelunds station (after approx. 12 minuter). From Helenelunds station you have about five minutes walk to get to Kistamässan.

By car

Type in Kistamässan or Arne Beurlings torg 5, 164 40 Kista in your GPS-system to find the quickest and easiest way to get to Kistamässan. At Kistamässan you´ll find a lot of parking spaces. You can pay the parking by card or SMS (not cash). 

Applicable 24 hours a day, following payment applies: 
1-4 hrs - 35 kr/hr
4 - 6 hrs - 125 kr
Maximum during one day 150 kr


Sleep nice and nerby

Scandic Victoria Towers

Scandic Victoria Towers is door to door with Kistamässan and offers you a four star stay. At Victoria Tower you can have a drink in the skybar, eat a great dinner and have a good nights sleep.