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XL standard package

Just turn up and do business!

We give you a complete package with everything you need. Whichever size stand you choose, it's all built and ready when you arrive. Just turn up and do business!

Standard package - stands < 36 sqm

1 spotlight per 4 square meters, grey carpet, ramp holding a sign with your company name, two chairs and a table. 

XL package - stands from 36 sqm

This is included in the price: One spotlight per four square meters, or a hockey lamp per 10 square meters, ramp holding a sign with your company name, two low chairs and one low table, a storage room 1x2 m with a door and a lock, a tower brochure stand, a high table and two bar stools and a desk.

Included in all packages:
Registration fee, floorspace, white walls, one electricity supply and daily cleaning. 

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