Activity Area



On the exhibition floor you will find our Activity Area, a completely new area of ​​up to 60 square meters that we filled with important topics and open discussion forums. This area is created for you as a visitor, to increase the interaction between the speakers and the audience, highlight the challenges that you are looking for, and give you the opportunity to ask personal questions for our Keynote Speakers.

Make sure to pass by. For more information, look below at our daily schedule! 


2th of October

09.45 MEET THE KEYNOTE - David Katz, CEO Plastic Bank


Meet David Katz

The Keynote Speaker on the 2th of October, David Katz, CEO för Plastic Bank will join the Activity area after his speach on the stage, meet him there and ask your questions. 

10.30 MINI-SEMINAR, Brobygrafiska


Future of Design

The school of packaging design, Brobygrafiska, gives you the latest trends on the market. Participate in an active seminar that integrates the listener. Seminar will be held in Swedish. 

12.00 MEET UP LUNCH, Tretton 37


Intelli-bridge, the future of data-driven workflows & interfaces

When it comes to solving your digital needs, the instinct usually defaults on the one-app-to-rule-them-all, the ultimate monolith of overwhelming functionality and hidden features. What if I told you that there is a better way?

A new machine learning-powered paradigm which enables large enterprise systems to capitalise on all existing IT investments while providing a highly efficient and personalised workflow for your employees. Intelli-bridge is a thought-provoking architectural paradigm by tretton37, a data-driven workflow which will boost performance, employee satisfaction rates and enable a rich diverse IT ecosystem within your organisation.

14.15 MASH-UP SECTION, Livsmedel i fokus


Food in focus

What challenge do you face in food packaging? Our Mash-Up section on food packaging is moderated by the magazine Livsmedel i fokus.

The Mash-up will be held in Swedish, if you want to join sign up by clicking here


3th of October

14.15 MASH-UP SECTION, Hållbarhet


For a sustainable future

What sustainability challenge do you face? Our Mash-Up section on sustainability is moderated by Maria Svantemark, Sustainability Manager at Findus.

The Mash-up will be held in Swedish, if you want to join sign up by clicking here