Seminars October 5

Seminars in October 5

All seminars are free to attend!


09.00-09.30 am | October 5


Carl Ronander, Brand Strategist at Amore Brand Identity Studios


How design should help brands go from a crush to building long-lasting meaningful relationships.

Carl is a Brand Strategist at one of the leading design agencies in Sweden - Amore Brand Identity Studios. With offices in Stockholm and Malmö, Amore works with local and global clients such as SCA, The Absolut Company, Skånemejerier and Finax. 

9.45 - 10.30 pm | 5th of October


Björn Thunström, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Innovation in Stora Enso’s Division Packaging Solution 

Innovation in fruit and vegetables packaging as enabler for retailer growth 

How can innovation in corrugated packaging help to increase shelf life, reduce waste, lower cost and increase margins? Sustainable corrugated packaging has proven to increase shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to three days compared to returnable plastic creates. That means less waste and lower costs. In addition packaging innovation can make fresh produce more profitable through taste and brand enhancement.  

Attend this seminar to learn more about produce packaging innovation from Stora Enso, a world leader in renewable materials.

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

10.45-11.15 am | 5th of October


How should today's packaging survive in tomorrow's digital reality?

Sebastian Tarkowski, Client Director & Brand Strategist at NINE

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

11.15 -11.45 am | 5th of October


Perniclas Bedow, Art director at Bewow

More information to come!

12.45-13.30 pm | October 5



Moira Cullen, PepsiCo Vice President Global Beverage Design

Moira Cullen is responsible for developing design strategy and systems across the beverage portfolio and leading new growth initiatives. She is an internationally recognized design strategist, writer and educator, Moira has directed global design/business solutions that honor the essence and heritage of organizations, institutions and brands. 
Moira is a frequent speaker on design, design thinking, and design's role in business. Prior to joining PepsiCo, she was Senior Director, Global Design for The Hershey Company, where she built and led a strategic global design function, set global design standards and globalized the company’s flagship iconic brands, while advancing Hershey’s internal design culture and external reputation. 

Formerly Coca-Cola’s Group Director Strategic Design. At Hallmark Cards, she built and led the corporate design group and leveraged design as a corporate asset. She was Chair of the Communication Arts department at Otis College of Art and Design and strategic design manager at international design consultancy Pentagram.

The seminar will be held in English.






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9.30-10.15 am | 5th of October


Mathias Östlund, Wasteless

The Zero Waste movement – removing the need for packaging entirely

The Zero Waste movement is coming to Sweden, and with it comes WasteLess – Sweden’s first 100% packaging-free supermarket. Instead of focusing on making existing packaging more eco-friendly, this Zero Waste business wants to remove that packaging entirely – both saving the environment and cutting down on costs.

Through a close cooperation with both local and international producers, WasteLess aims to minimize all unnecessary packaging, without having to sacrifice product quality or shelf life.

- In the future, we believe the Zero Waste philosophy will play a big part in how we think about packaging. And being the first supermarket that sells everything in loose-weight, we want to set an example that this is something that can be done.

10.30-11.00 am | 5th of October


Johanna Ragnartz, "Håll Sverige rent"

Keep Sweden clean

The garbage is everywhere - in the city, in nature and in the sea. Keep Sweden Clean works to prevent and counter the scrapping. We gather knowledge, drive opinion and develop concrete tools and solutions to stop the trash.

Keep Sweden Clean is an ideal unified foundation. The work is funded by grants and project funds from companies and authorities as well as through collection to 90 accounts.

Listen to representatives from the foundation in swedish.

2-3 pm | October 5


Magdalena Forsberg

Former skier. Contractor and inspirator

The pinch behind reaching your goals, instead of letting them stay by dreams, is to use the power of thought, think positively, and believe in yourself. 

3.15-3.45 am | October 5


Lean philosophy - the foundation for a sustainable improvement

A successful lean work is not just about the flow efficiency, methods and tools. Equally important is the philosophy and the approach the improvement work is based on. 

Dag Lotsander, former General Manager Toyota Sweden (1999-2008) and Senior Consultant of Toyota Europe. Responsible for the introduction of The Toyota Way. Running "Lean Nordic". 

The seminar will be held in Swedish.

2.15-2.45 am | 30 of March

Fredrik Östbye

Transformation from product to product as a service

IoT enable a transportation from a clean product offer to a service offering within the most industries. But, the transportation is challenging to implement and it affects both the own organization and the external go-to-market model. In this lecture you will get exampel from the reality and a gradually guide of how the transformation should be performed. 

Fredrik Östbye, VP of Business Development at Telenor Connexion, Telenor Connexions