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Exponor - Hall 6
Porto, Portugal
September, 19 - 20, 2018

Already exhibiting

Thank you for exhibiting at Empack & Logistics Porto

Now that you have booked, you can start accessing the marketing tools that are included in your stand package. Proactive exhibitors will gain more exposure and ultimately attract more online and show visitors. After booking your stand, you should have received ‘My Easyfairs’ account login details.

If you need assistance or have not received your login details, please contact us by pone +34 91 541 38 03 or send an email at your sales executive. 

We are delighted to be able to offer our exhibitors and visitors access to our new smart badge technology!

All visitors will receive a ‘Smart Badge’, which they will be able to use to touch the badge reader on your stand to receive information about your company. You will then be sent the details of the visitors who have scanned the reader!

Exhibitor manual

Empack 2018 Oporto

We will put together a comprehensive guide to the technical services available at Empack y Logistics. We suggest that exhibitors study in detail all the services available and follow the instructions. This particularly applies to the application deadlines on each order form.

The exhibitor manual will be emailed to you. For any questions concerning the stands and technical needs, please contact

Ordering forms

Empack 2018 Oporto

Order forms wil be available in a few months time to download from your My Easyfairs. Please retain copies of everything for your own records and have them with you onsite during build-up

Log in to your My Easyfairs.

Marketing & PR campaign

The marketing & PR team at Empack y Logistics Porto 2018 would like to welcome you on board as an exhibitor. You now have the opportunity to fully maximise the success of your exhibiting investment.

Below is a list of complimentary Marketing and PR tools available to you; we strongly advise that you take advantage of these tools and maximise your visibility before, during and after the event. Please note - these tools are all included in your stand package, so don't miss out.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Banners to add to your email signature. There are also editable versions available for you to personalise. We can create one for you containing your stand number (only upon request).

Trackable registration link

Use your unique registration url to track who has registered to see you at the show. Simply add it to your signature, link it to your banners, share it in your social media network or just email it to your contacts. You can create as many links as you like via your My Easyfairs account.

My Easyfairs account

Promote your products, press releases and company information to visitors on the event website via your My Easyfairs account. Remember that it is important to keep your profile updated to provide visitors accesing the online exhibitors catalogue with all the information of your company.

Login here.

Digital Invitations

We will send you a digital invitation containing a code only for you. You can forward it as many times as you want (no limit in use) to make sure all your contacts and special clients are informed about you participation in the show and come visit you.

Customisable HTML code

We can create a HTML email so you can promote your stand easily through your own email system. Simply add in any further information you want and link the registration buttons to your trackable registration links.

Social Media

In addition to the information you upload via your My Easyfairs account, you can send us posts, news or press releases so we can share it in our blog “Comunidad Easyfairs” and our social media

Exhibitor competition

The exhibitor who brings in the most visitors through the marketing tools will win our exhibitor competition. Let your contacts know that you are exhibiting at the event, invite them to be part of it and win some great prizes in the process! 


What you can do to get your contacts to your stand:

Send the digital and printed invitations.

Include your trackable registration link on your email signature, use it on social media and send directly to clients

What you can win:

2 people treat with a wonderful dinner in a special restaurant we have chosen specialoly for you .

Visit Connect

Empack 2018 Oporto


What is Visit Connect? This is a system developed by N200 for exhibitors to collect and manage visitor data. The software comes as a downloadable app for smartphones and a web portal accessed through My easyFairs. 

The visitor badges will be printed with QR codes. You can scan these codes with the N200 Visit Connect app available for Android and iPhone. The data is linked to the web portal, which allows you as an exhibitor to view and follow up on your leads.

If you have EasyGo Leads or Plus the Visit Connect email will be sent to you around a month before the show. To find out more about what Visit Connect is, please watch the video

How do you use it? You will receive an email from N200 entitled ‘Welcome to Visit Connect’, which provides you with your link to download the app, and create your login and password. This will automatically link to your N200 account, where all data will be gathered.

You will automatically be able to set up three ‘licences’. A single ‘licence’ gives you the ability to set up the scanner on a single smartphone device or iPad. This will give you unlimited badge scans on that device.

If you require more licences, please contact our team to upgrade your account. Please note a single activation is 150€. Exhibitors on EasyGo Leads will have 1 licence as part of their package. Exhibitors on EasyGo Plus will have 3 licences as part of their package.

Setting up your scanners, setting targets and assigning actions to leads: To make the most of this system, we highly recommend you to set your scanner up a few days before the show, and spend some time setting targets and assigning actions.

If you set targets for the number of leads you plan to generate during the event within the system, this will enable you to monitor your performance, identify trends, and analyse actions to be taken.

You can also assign ‘categories’ for leads so that you can filter them while you are at the event, saving you the hassle after the event of deciphering the different contacts you have received. For example, you can flag some contacts for follow-up meetings, some for emails about a certain product, etc.

Once you have set up your account, you can access the web portal using the following link:

For full details about how to use and make the most of the app, please see this guide.

Accessing your data after the show: The Visit Connect portal will give you access to your leads, as well as your follow-up actions; see 'Browse Leads'.

Don’t want to use your iPhone or Android phone? iPads are available to hire; simply order them via your My easyFairs account.