Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Live a completely immersive virtual reality experience adapted to the logistics and transport market.

Take advantage of your visit to Empack & Logistics to live a virtual reality experience. You will be able to enjoy 3 different experiences and know more about how this technology can contribute to the success of your company.

VR experience

VR experience: using a HTC Vive equipment, this experience will place the user in a virtual store, next to a pallet of volumes and a cargo vehicle. The user can interact with the volumes, placing them inside the vehicle compartment. This experience try to demonstrate the possibilities of virtual reality at the level of realism, immersion and interaction, in a fun way.

AR/MR Experience

AR/MR experience: using mobile devices or a MR Acer equipment, this experience will give the user the possibility to view a complete logistics platform with its respective warehouse, loading and unloading zone, trucks and fork-lift moving, as if it were an animated mockup. 

VR mobile experience

Experience VR Mobile: using a GearVR mobile equipment, this experience try to demonstrate the possibilities of virtual reality for training area. The users will be confronted with a warehouse whith trucks and workers moving themselves around, and  they will have to identify mistakes in the safety work rules such as: workers without  vest or helmet, trucks moving out of bound areas etc...