Steven Van Belleghem


Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world. His talks inspire companies about the smart usage of technology in the customer relationship without forgetting the human side of business. His keynotes are mind stretchers for business leaders. A very energetic and pragmatic keynote speaker, Steven shares his vision in speeches and workshops around the world.

Steven is a bestselling author of business books. His latest book is called ‘When Digital becomes Human’. The books describes the need to digitize the customer relationship without forgetting the human aspect. Today’s world not only needs a digital transformation; the human side of business is also in need of a makeover. His two previous books (‘The Conversation Manager’ & ‘The Conversation Company’) are award-winning bestsellers with more than 50,000 copies sold.

His bio

Steven studied applied economics at the University of Ghent. His summers were spent specializing in marketing at UC Berkeley. Even after all these years, Steven is still in love with San Francisco and beautiful California. 

Steven started his professional career as a research assistant at the Vlerick Business School, where he remains a guest marketing professor to this day. 

In 2001, Steven was one of the first employees to join InSites Consulting, a start-up in the online research industry. Over time he worked his way up to become one of the company’s managing partners and shareholders. Steven spent a total of eleven and a half years at InSites Consulting. During this period, the company grew from just 8 staff to 130 with branches in 5 countries. It was an amazing adventure.

In 2012, Steven started his own inspiration company called B-Conversational. He runs the company with his wife, business partner and best friend Evi and together, they inspire companies around the world. Most of Steven’s time goes to giving keynotes speeches and organizing workshops and business coaching sessions. In addition, they also help clients set up long-term inspirational programs to change the mindset and enrich the knowledge of their teams.

His private life

Steven lives in a small exotic Belgian town called Knesselare, which sits right next to his hometown of Maldegem. Steven is married with Evi and together they have two children: Siebe and Mathis. Steven’ greatest joy in life is spending time with his family & friends, enjoying life together and discovering the beauty of the world. 

Steven’s second biggest passion is his job. No kidding! That’s how much Steven loves what he does. 

It may also interest you to know that Steven is a soccer fan in general and of Club Bruges in particular. He is also a big Disney fan. And of course, Steven enjoys good food and wine.