Packaging & Innovations Route

Packaging & Innovations Route

Dip delicious packaging

Remmert Dekker Packaging - Dip Delicious Packaging

Remmert Dekker Packaging presents the innovative Packaging Solution Dip Delicious To-Go. Seperating the snack from the sauce, brings your snack experience to the next level. Easy and sustainable. Check it out in our stand!

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Stand E056

The box bv

The Box b.v. - Special shaped tins

Special shaped tins strenghten the marketing of your brand a/o product!

Be different and make sure that the consumers see your brand in stores.

Stand B002


Sorma Benelux - Sormabag net packaging

New net packaging for different potato, fruit and vegetable products. No use of the metal clip anymore to close the pack. The new handle makes the pack 'easy to take' and enough space on the handle to communicate with the consumer.

Stand B013


Bastin-Pack - bio-based film and bags

We produce (printed) bio-based flexible packaging: wrappers on reel and preformed pouches as well. These are also available with high barrier properties. The mechanical properties of bio-based films are comparable with those of conventional ones.

Stand B008

Dutch Pack Innovations

Dutch Pack International BV - Grab & Eat spoon pouch

The Grab & Eat is a stand-up pouch with an extra compartment for packing a spoon. This enables to consume the product ‘on the go. The packaging is user-friendly because it can be opened with a laserscore. The product has a cost reduction on logistics

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Stand C034