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Alba Trading bv

Alba Trading bv


3958CS Amerongen

Alba Trading is a trading company in print & security equipment and services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Specializing in HAPA digital high-end printing based on UV DoD and LAETUS Secure Track & Trace solutions for pharma, Alba is ready to advice you on all your print & security questions.


Product news

  • Hapa MedJet

    The compact MedJet is a fully digital, UV DOD piezo inkjet, single-color printing system for the medical packaging industry. The on-demand, format-free technology uses solvent-free, UV-curing inks. Artwork changeover is made without tools or cleandown. The system is easily integrated onto continuous or intermittent motion packaging machines.


  • Hapa RedCube plus

    The inline and scalable UV DOD, piezo inkjet printing module “redcube plus” delivers accurate and reliable print onto blank or preprinted substrates or components. It is scalable from 1 to 7 spot colors or from spot to CMYK / CMYK and 3 spot color printing – with a print resolution up to 720 dpi.

    The “redcube plus” prints widths up to 144 mm, at speeds up to 60 meters per minute. UV pinning is an option to fulfil white and/or color-on-color printing.


  • HAPA DigiMATIC 220, UV DOD top mounted foil printer

    HAPA’s ready-made DigiMATIC is a fully digital piezo inktjet printer designed to print artwork, logos and text on a wide range of roll-fed substrates including aluminum, paper back foil and white washed foil. Designed for use within a pharmaceutical environment, this Drop On Demand technology is compact and robust, uses modern, solvent-free UV curing inks, and can be installed on top of any intermittent packaging machine. The DigiMATIC is ideally suited for inline printing of any sized batches, unit dose coding as well as serialization and marking.
    Benefit from low start-up costs, greater packaging line flexibility and productivity as well as improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


  • LAETUS Polyphem wt 3D blister fill inspection

    The exceptional camera system for blister fill inspection on blister machines convinces with a wide variety of control options. The goal is to recognize very different product materials and their errors and to consequently eject them from the production process. Laetus POLYPHEM has been sold worldwide over 2.000 times over many years in all types of blister machines.
    Recently also the option for a real 3D check was added as an option. 3D POLYPHEM reliably recognizes double tablets that are stacked on top of each other. Under normal circumstances, this error would not be visible; it is only detectable by analyzing the height. The same counts for tablets which are horizontally broken on the bottom side and appear undamaged from the top, but due to their lesser height the error gets detected.