Pentawards Conference Speakers



I work as Design visual identity within Diageo Europe & Africa and I’ve had the pleasure of leading the creation of new brands, brand identities and packaging of some of the biggest global spirit and beer brands that exist today such as Guinness, Hop House 13, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Roe & Co, Haig Club and many more.

We live in a world of great choice and consumers are more brand and design conscious than ever. To this end I believe design is in such an pivotal and exciting time right now and going forward. Consumers fully grasp the power of great design and expect it. Great design will have to deliver more than ever before to be valued and trusted, and brands will win or lose on their ability to connect with consumers through design.

I believe creativity & design, at its core can lead to positive changes within culture and behaviours, and should be further embraced, encouraged, expressed and taught, by both brands and cultures alike. 

Speaker: Steve Honour, Design Leader, Innovation & Futures, Diageo

Lavernia & Cienfuegos


Nacho studied industrial design in Barcelona, but he has been working for a long time not only in product design, but also in graphic design and corporative identity in groups such as La Nave y Gimen y Lavernia. In 1994 he had as student the one who is currently his partner, Alberto Cienfuegos. They created the design studio and started to specialized in packaging. Over time they managed to have as clients big companies such as Unilever, Delhaize, Zara, Puig, Nivea, Oriflame, Natura, RNB, Kose o Kao Corporation.


His main goal has always been comprehensive projects, in which they could design and control the final result in its entirety, from the 3D packaging design to the 2D of the labels. For them, the design is communication and packaging the most powerful link between brand and consumer. So today packaging has gone from being the “silent seller”, as Pilditch named it, to being the talking seller, capable of maintaining a dialogue made of perceptions and emotions with the end customer.

Speaker: Nacho Lavernia, Lavernia & Cienfuegos (Valencia, Spain)


Javier Bidezabal

Graduated in illustration from ESDIP / Madrid, Spain. Currently studying photography

Working in the design industry for 11 years.

Interested in new ways of communicating ideas exploring different visual techniques.

He has differents recognitions internationally such as Pentawards or Dieline.

During his career he worked for Orange, Coca-Cola, Heineken, P&G, Verti, Bmw.

Speaker: Javier Bidezabal / Creative Director


Graduated in Advertising from URJC University / Madrid, Spain

Working in the advertising & design industry for 7 years, one of his characteristics is to combine design with different disciplines such as Data, food and education to create relevant experiences.

More than 10 recognitions nationally and internationally including Pentawards, One Show, Dieline and Ojo de Iberoamérica.

Clients include companies such as BMW, Heineken, Samsung, Twitter, UN, Diageo and WWF.

Speaker: Eduardo España / Art Director & Copywriter


Graduated in Industrial Design from Nariño University / Colombia

Working in the design industry for 8 years.

She loves graphic design and has specialized in packaging and illustration, two disciplines that she loves to combine. Among her skills is strategy planning, advertising, brand perception, knowledge of materials and the interpretation of them to create new ideas.

More than 8 recognitions nationally and internationally including Pentawards, Dieline, Effie and Ojo de Iberoamérica.

Clients include companies such as Samsung, Twitter, UN, Diageo, Huawei, Adidas and Pyrex.

Speaker: Joahana Dueñas / Art director 

Digital Fish

digital FISH

Many companies fear that, what has given them success, can be prejudicial if they change of strategy, without knowing the fact that both customers and marketing strategies are in a constantly updating. That is the reason of why re-design is only a matter of time, generating new stimuli in order to maintain the attention given, as long as is it is done rationally. 

Digital Fish design for the future generation without forgetting the original values of the brand, giving way to packaging updating so they can continue interacting with the potential costumer of the company.

Speaker: Gonzalo Jaén, Creative Director CEO, Digital Fish

Website: https://digitalfish.tv/studio/

Estudio MABA


Formed by graphic design and visual communication professionals, Maba is a design studio that offers the development of brands and products to companies in different sectors, through conceptual and visual solutions. In his own words: “We help companies and people to show the uniqueness of their brands and products. We look for a language that gives them value on their way to success, based on their philosophy, personality and long-term vision.”

Beatriz Suarez and Miguel Angel del Baño lead this project, bringing together knowledge of branding and neuromarketing to the creative processes of the study, to provide each personality design with a strategic approach.

Among his most recent projects are packaging designs for El Corte Inglés, Starbucks, AMC Natural Drinks, Queen Desserts, and multiple wineries such as Sierra Cantabria, Torres or Gonzalez Byass.

Speaker: Beatriz Suárez (Founder & Strategy Manager) y Miguel Angel del Baño Alvarez (Founder & Managing Director)

Morillas Branding Agency


I'm writing these lines with a great perspective in my sights that reminds me of the greatness of the world in which we live. I've just reached flight level 100 (almost 3.000 meters) and I'm roaring through the skies at 300 km/h while witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen as the sun dips behind the Pyrenees (ping me for the pic!). The momentum is unique and pretty inspiring.

My goal is to keep looking for new challenges that catalyse our inner creativity by their very nature. From building my own company with virtually no experience to having the honor of leading one of the greatest companies I know. I'm passionate about two great things in life: aviation and companies, and I push them to the limit without fear but with immense respect. I've crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a single piston engine airplane (feel free to probe me about that, and we'll share some great learnings!) and I'm leading a great company, while being inspired every day by more than 90 professionals in five offices around the world.

Speaker: Marc Morillas, CEO, Morillas Branding Agency

Website: http://www.morillas.com/en/

Cabello x Mure

enrique moreno

Project director and founding partner of the agency Cabello x Mure. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Granada for more than 10 years works as a creative director in different companies. In 2010, Isabel Cabello joined the project to found the current agency, which in recent years has been recognized with numerous awards both nationally and internationally. The development of his activity in the management of numerous branding and packaging projects has led him to specialize in the creation and communication of brands for marketing. Speaker at numerous conferences and masters at national and international level.

Speaker: Enrique Moreno, CEO, Cabello x mure

Website: https://www.cabelloxmure.com/sobre-nosotros/


Packaging Innovations Speakers


Ivan Navarro

Ph.D. Civil Engineering and Innovative Materials and Master in plastics and rubber at the University of Perugia, in Italy.

Iván Navarro has a large experience in polymer science, in particular in synthesis and characterization of polymers as well as the design of new composites and customized nanocomposites for a variety of applications., and since July 2018 he works as a Project Manager at ADBioplastics.


Speaker: Iván Navarro, Project Manager in ADBioplastics

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iv%C3%A1n-navarro-baena/

Avanza Packaging

Guille AP

Speaker: Guillermo Afonso began his professional career in 1983 and since then he has not stopped campaigning, promotions, event design, fairs, scenery and signage, among others. He has been a founding partner of several studies and since 2010 works as Creative Director at Avanza Packaging.


The presentation will be dedicated to packaging design focused on industrial production. Two successful stories will be presented and carried out from Avanza Packaging: the design and production of Corazon Guajiro and the famous gazpachos and salmorejos by García Millán. In addition, we will explain the working methodology within the studio to develop the image and packaging of the product in the food and beverage sector.