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AS SOFTWARE specializes in consulting and implementation services management software, with a length of 30 years in the market for ERP company has the know-how that allows it to position itself as a national firm specializing in implementation reference management software .
The high rate of penetration of its solutions in the field of small, medium and large enterprises has led to computerize more than 1,500 companies from all sectors.
Develops and markets proprietary solutions like B2B, ecommerce, sales force mobility PPPs, ERP, Production Plant, Warehouse management software (AS SGA), mobile computing, Dashboards, applications for Point Of Sales or performance Data Center services, including both SaaS technology as Client / Server.
AS it belongs to the business group Software AS Group, which also comprises the companies AS Software Hosting, Data Center service provider and consulting firm CID AS, Research and Development group.


Product news

  • L7 Prestige Brands launches ecommerce

    Developed and implemented by AS Software, eCommerce allows L7 Prestige Brands have an integrated sales channel management software FAS-5.

    L7 Prestige Brands, distribution company of premium brands of giftware, home decor, books, toys, hardware and furniture, among others, has launched its new eCommerce, developed and implemented by AS Software, manufacturer of software management.

    ECommerce has been fully integrated with FAS-5, management software working with the company, and allows end customers and Commercial Department L7 Prestige Brands see the catalog of products and streamline order entry.

    Thanks to this solution eCommerce, L7 Prestige Brands has given visibility to your product catalog publicly. The products are organized by brand and families / subfamilies, showing MSRP, availability depending on the configuration and management by the client with its various stores, and technical data and image thereof.

    At this early stage it does not allow unregistered buy to be targeted at commercial or "known" clients L7 Prestige Brands by users, who already agreed conditions of delivery, payment ...

    Comment that, in case of a commercial, once registered must choose the client that you want to operate among all who have assigned in the system.

    The user, once registered, you can access purchase items with their cost of transfer (their particular conditions that are based on the recommended retail price plus discounts applied).

    The addition of the products to the shopping is done through browsing the catalog, although the user can feed new orders from their consumption or their own historical order made, whether or not generated from this platform.

    The request generated in the eCommerce, appears automatically in the management software FAS-5 and an alert entry Commercial Department L7 Prestige Brands that once revised, proceed to unlock the order is generated and automatically switches in the circuit issuing FAS-5, thereby expediting all procedures


  • AS Software was present at the First Mediterranean Logistics Forum

    AS SOFTWARE has been present in the Mediterranean Logistics Forum, held on 22 and 23 April in the Congress Center Victor Villegas. Specialized in improving logistics management, must-attend for those who would like to improve in this area and share its experience in an open environment that facilitated the participation and knowledge among forum attendees.
    The Forum responded to issues affecting the improvement of business from the logistical point of view, through innovative proposals that allow new perspectives to promote the competitiveness of participating companies


  • AS Software revealed its latest in ERP, warehouse management and mobility solutions

    AS Software, specializing in business management software, use its presence in LOGISTICS 2014 to present their latest developments especially in ERP, warehouse management systems and mobility solutions.

    The company, which will be located at booth G16, has already revealed that showcase its latest versions of AS-SGA, your automation system warehouse management, and FAS-5 v4, the most comprehensive management software (ERP-CRM) Cloud. It will also display its analysis solutions to optimize logistics processes and electronic commerce (B2B and B2C) applied to logistics.

    Thus, AS Software to bring the following new audience: new version of AS-SGA, software to automate warehouse management that integrates with the most recognized market ERPs (FAS-5, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, EKON , Navision, etc.); FAS-5 v4, the most complete software (ERP-CRM) Business Management in the Cloud (Cloud), able to meet the needs of SMEs and large enterprises under a dual mode of operation: Cloud and Client-Server; solutions analysis and data mining with Dashboards and Reporting as well as web applications and Sales Force AS AS E-Commerce / Online Store (B2B and B2C) applied to logistics.

    Precisely the latter two solutions, Sales Force and AS AS E-Commerce / Online Store (B2B and B2C) mainly provide added value to any company logistics by enabling users to access and work from mobile devices with information ERP and consult at any time the data and company information and manage sales orders, consumption, product catalogs promotional outlets, news tracking and logistics / transportation.


    Pablo Miranda Rey, General Director of AS Software Group, was in charge of collecting the award, and in his speech, he stated how this award consolidates a long history and experience since in 1985 he began manufacturing and implementing business management software.
    Since its foundation, its portfolio of products and services has increased dramatically developing solutions according to the needs imposed by the new times.
    Within its portfolio of solutions, it markets Ecommerce, Warehouse Management Software, ERP, Plant Production Systems, Control Panels, POS Software all combined with the provision of systems, hardware and communications services.
    The solution, AS SGA, is adaptable to various types of customers and logistics centers that allows to improve productivity in customer operational processes, increase sales as well as optimize company costs.
    Having various functionalities that provide flexibility to the logistics management of various companies and sectors, especially in the methods of receiving merchandise for purchases, quality controls, preparation of picking orders, internal warehouse management, processes and supplies in lines of manufacturing. And all this integrating fully with the different ERP´s of the market as well as with any automatism that is required with the objective of an integration of data on-line.
    The prize for our warehouse management solution AS SGA, is the recognition of the work of the entire company team as well as the confirmation of an improvement work continues to safeguard the investment of customers who have been trusting year after year.


  • COVEGAN successfully implements the new version of AS Software's recognized SGA to improve its logistics management

    COVEGAN is a company with more than 25 years of experience, leader in the distribution of livestock material and veterinary products. They currently have four specialized centers in Tudela, Pamplona, ​​Burgos and Segovia. The headquarters are located in Tudela (Navarra), which is where the first phase of AS-SGA has been implemented as an improvement in logistics management, and which will then be extended to the Pamplona warehouse.

    The AS-SGA solution of AS Software has allowed the improvement of various aspects of its logistics management, based on a warehouse map that automatically distributes and separates materials that cannot coexist in the same area due to sanitary or conservation requirements.
    The AS-SGA solution has been integrated with the ERP of the Unit 4 company used by the client, through intermediate database tables, which allow a bi-directional and error-free dialogue in the purchase and sale orders step towards the SGA, and the entry and exit delivery notes, as well as stock regularizations, to the ERP.

    Amaya Aramendía, director of the Supply Chain at Covegan gives us her impressions. “As the person in charge of the project, I was always very clear that the most important of the whole project was going to be the SGA election. It was a very long search process because I wanted to find a company to support me, that would adapt well to our business model and in which I could build a long-term partner relationship. Now that we have successfully started the software for our central warehouse, I would highlight the team with which we had the opportunity to work. We have lived the project together, standing out at all times for its high degree of involvement and dedication ”


  • INJUSA has achieved significant improvements in its logistics management after implementing AS-SGA

    INJUSA was born as a family business and we can say today that it still retains that spirit of teamwork and continuous improvement. Essence that is evident in the result of its more than 850,000 toys that it manufactures every year, and in the confidence that the main distributors of national and international reputation of more than 120 countries that sell INJUSA products through different sales channels and toy stores . The key to its success is based on a constant investment in R & D & I, compliance with the strict controls of children's safety of their toys and the guarantee of being a 100% “Made in Spain” production.
    The AS-SGA solution of AS Software has allowed them to improve various aspects of their logistics management, managing both raw material stores, semi-finished warehouses and finished products.
    The AS-SGA solution has been integrated with the client's ERP: Microsoft Dynamics NAV through web services (webServices), which allows a bi-directional dialogue and maintaining complete data integrity.
    In summary, INJUSA has achieved improvements such as: knowing in real time the exact stocks of both raw material, semi-finished parts and finished products; optimize both the processes of reception, as of supply to production and preparation of orders in various ways depending on the day-to-day needs; eliminate errors in the handling of merchandise and increase the productivity of its operators in all the logistics areas of the company.
    José Canales, Logistics and Project Manager, gives us his opinion on the implementation:
    “The SGA of AS Software Group has meant for us an improvement that translates into an exhaustive control of the necessary resources in logistics operations, allowing us in real time to balance loads and optimize times, as well as the tasks assigned to each operator. It is a very stable product, with a power at the height of the circumstances ”.

  • GRUPO FERÁN relies on AS Software to automate its logistics management

    Grupo Ferán is a company dedicated since 1957 to the specialized distribution of books, toys and materials for education. Its headquarters in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes de Madrid, has more than 5000 m2 of facilities, where more than 60 people work, and more than 40,000 references of its comprehensive offer are managed: literature, textbooks, toys educational, school supplies and stationery, together with a wholesale self-service.
    AS Software's AS-SGA solution has allowed them to improve various aspects of their logistics management
    It has become known in real time both the stock of your items, essential to be able to show in your eCommerce the real availability of sale, as the exact location of the merchandise, to improve the productivity of warehouse operators in the preparation of orders .
    Integrating the AS-SGA solution with its own ERP on Informix, a complete system of activity logs and possible errors and alarms is available in the two-way ERP-SGA interface developed between both companies through webServices, as a continuous audit of the integration.
    In summary, Grupo Ferán has achieved: avoid final verifications in order preparation, significantly increase the productivity of operators (about 25%), manage stock in real time and offer a better quality of service to their customers, all This is working with more than 40,000 live references and managing work peaks of more than 15,000 line items per day, while reducing the hiring of temporary staff during their campaign periods.
    José Andrés Antón, manager of Grupo Ferán, gives us his opinion on the implementation: “Our gratitude to AS Software for its help in improving our logistics processes. Highlight the involvement in the most critical moments of an implementation that had to be launched for operational reasons at a time of maximum commercial and logistics pressure. ”


  • Macario Llorente bets on the new versions of ERP, SGA, E-Commerce and Dashboard management software from AS Software Group

    With almost 70 years dedicated to helping and equipping cyclists with the best material, Macario Llorente relies again on AS Software for the implementation and adaptation of its corporate management systems.
    AS-SGA: The new version of AS Software's recognized advanced warehouse management solution allows warehouse operators to graphically view warehouse logistics operations, with configurable selections on order priority and guided tours in the preparation of the same. Optimizing the separation in the collection of packaging sales material, document management and transport agencies, increasing productivity in preparation and improving the quality of service to its customers.
    eCommerce: The new version allows the company to have a complete technological platform, with greater visibility of the product catalog and categorization of customizable content with up to three levels: lines, families and subfamilies. Special categories are offered: outlet, offers or news. The product sheets are displayed with an expandable image gallery, videos, technical descriptions and the possibility of assigning different amounts depending on sizes and colors.
    Dashboards: Thanks to the use of the Sales dashboard developed under Microsoft Power BI technology, the company's commercial force has an agile and powerful tool both for monitoring its team of representatives and for making decisions by part of those responsible. In conclusion to the above: thanks to the great work and continuous commitment carried out by the team of Macario Llorente and AS Software; an evolution in technologies and IT consulting has been achieved, all with the business model approach both in the new e-commerce and e-logistics trends, as well as in the traditional marketing model


Job ads

  • Desarrollador Web-PHP

    Descripción de empleo:
    Buscamos personal para desarrollo de software Web en PHP.

    Aptitudes y conocimientos deseados:
    Amplia experiencia (mínimo 2 años) en desarrollo bajo lenguajes PHP/JQuery para desarrollo en frameworks Symfony y Symfony2
    Experiencia en el desarrollo y consumo de Web Services
    Experiencia en desarrollo de Software de Gestión en Web,
    Commerce y entornos similares
    Conocimientos avanzados del lenguaje SQL

    Se valorará:
    Si bien no es objeto de la oferta, la compañía dispone de otras áreas de Desarrollo dentro de su Departamento e Nuevas Tecnologías por lo que se valorarán conocimientos que permitan colaborar puntualmente en estas áreas:

    Desarrollo en App’s (bajo Android y/o IOS)
    Desarrollos en ASP .Net
    Conocimientos de SEO y Social Media
    Aptitudes de Diseño

    Se ofrece:
    Jornada completa
    Sueldo a convenir
    Centro de trabajo: Madrid / Barcelona


  • .Net web programmer

    job description:

    We currently need to incorporate our Senior Programmer Analyst team in .NET for the implementation and development of new projects in our offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

    Desired skills and knowledge:
    5 years of demonstrable experience in C # programming.
    ASP.NET MVC 5.
    Extensive knowledge in SQL.
    Knowledge in HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.

    It will be valued:
    Experience in development of Rest and / or Soap webservices.
    Entity Framework knowledge.
    Experience in Oralce and / or SQLServer databases.
    Telerik Framework

    It offers:
    Full time.
    Salary to be agreed.
    Work center: Madrid / Barcelona