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With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and integration of Material Handling Systems, JHernando manufactures with the highest quality in the market and constantly evolve in the manufacturing of sorting systems, conveyors, conveyor belts, data capture systems (DWS) and loading and unloading systems for cartons, crates, containers and pallets, having an increasing presence in leading companies in parcel sectors, distribution, e-commerce and logistics in general, as well as in other key sectors such as pharma, food and beverages, packaging, palletizing systems, automations and end of line conveyors systems for the industry.

We fit to the needs of all our customers in order to plan, manufacture and integrate systems which they can optimize their processes and achieve their targets. We have as a reference the most important companies of the field at an international level.


Product news

  • JHernando has manufactured, at the request of Friolvega, a transport system for introduce pallets in a freezing chamber

    Our company JHernando recently had a new and challenging logistical challenge. Friólvega, a leader in integrated temperature controlled logistics belonging to the group Molinero Logística, needed to automate the transport of pallets to a freezing chamber.
    The goal of Friólvega was to meet the needs of frozen storage of its customers in the shortest time possible given the level of growth that has occurred in this type of service in recent times, and in which Friólvega stands out for its efficiency. For which in their facilities was necessary to introduce europalets and pallets of 1200x1000mm with a capacity of 70 cycles / hour, and these had to be able to be introduced both on the left and front, with the possibility of being easily collected inside the freezing chamber.
    To this was added the express request of Friólvega that they should be able to be delivered at ground level with an electric or manual pallet, for which a lifting table was mounted in a pit with a conveyor of chains and metal slats, so that the machine circulates above the table being able to introduce the pallet on both sides as if it were on a smooth surface.
    Before entering the chamber, the pallet passes through a SAS (Security Airlock System), composed of two fast doors - one of them gives the camera and the other outside - that are never open at the same time, so that the cold of the camera is not let escape when introducing the pallet, and an automatism was implemented to maintain the watertightness to the passage of the pallets.
    Inside the camera we installed a motorized transport system that allows the accumulation of 10 pallets, which are always placed at the end of the line, being able to remove pallets from any of the posts and going to the free space which is located immediately behind. In addition, to ensure the maneuver in the cycle, we decided to install a luminous beacon that tells the operator when he can pick up the pallet.


  • Luís Simões conveying, descent by spiral & buffering project

    In JHernando we made a turnkey installation for the conveying, descent by spiral and buffering parcels during the process of E-commerce orders assembling for Luís Simões (ZAL Barcelona), a company that offers efficient and competitive solutions in logistics and auxiliary services in both Spain and Portugal.
    Together we annalised how to improve the ergonomics and organization of the space within the location where they carried out this activity, trying to improve the process of preparing orders, having as the main mission the safeguarding the physical conditions of their workers and avoiding saturated spaces for the correct realization and organized work.
    Our line is based on a section of motorized rollers, which covers all the points of manual order preparation, speeding up the handling and conveying them within the facilities and fixing the workers positions. This minimizes the risk of injury by reducing the displacement of workloads and establishing work positions, this way improving operational efficiency.
    After this line we have installed a gravity descent spiral. This system was the best solution in terms of space and efficiency, causing the decrease of orders in the preparation area to the palletizing area in a practical, fast and safe way.
    From Luís Simões and JHernando, we have carried out this project with a very clear purpose: to increase the safety and comfort of the operators in the realization of these works, through the efficiency and safety of the process.


  • The logistics immediacy is on the rise

    In 2014 the consultant McKinsey warned that globally this immediacy in delivery would be the great logistics revolution of the decade. Indeed, they were not wrong. In this last year the online delivery times have started to shorten, going from the 24-48 hours that many ecommerce stores had been offering so far, to immediate deliveries in the day or even in hours.
    The big question that arises in this regard is: are the intralogistics stores really ready for this immediacy? Since it is a rising trend and they are shortening times, will they be able to adapt in time for this logistic revolution that we are experiencing? The answer to both questions is, in principle, affirmative. Or at least they should have the tools to do it. But they have to count on warehouses perfectly prepared for this great challenge.
    At JHernando we have helped and help companies of different sizes in this conversion. It is, above all, having properly equipped facilities so that the supply chain follows its steps quickly and efficiently.
    Thus, the first essential step to take when a customer processes their online petition is to have a perfectly controlled way of handling that order preparation in the warehouse. Through modern picking systems it is possible to optimize productivity, reducing working time either through pick to light or pick to voice systems, among others.
    JHernando has been advising many companies from the beginning to which the same question always arises: how to monetize their conveyor and classification facilities in order to quickly reach a positive ROI. And although the precise answer will always depend on each particular case, in JHernando we tend to think that an appropriate investment in ecommerce logistics warehouses will bring immediate and continuous improvements that will materialize in fewer errors in shipments to customers and, therefore, an improvement in customer satisfaction.


  • JHernando has supplied Intervan with a system of conveyors

    JHernando has recently supplied for the Intervan´s factory in Madrid (where Pictolin, Café Dry and Space Chupi candies are produced, for instance), a system of conveyors designed and manufactured by them, for feeding and evacuating candies in bulk without packaging from the production machines.


  • JHernando distributes MLR AGV robots in Spain and Portugal

    Since february 2019, JHernando begins the distribution in Spain and Portugal of the AGV robots of the brand MLR System GmbH, one of the world's leading suppliers of material flow systems and logistics systems.

    These AGV vehicles can be designed, built and installed both for new logistics projects and to modernize and expand existing systems.

    From automatic forklifts, to automatic vehicles for the transport of heavy loads, passing through vehicles for clinics and hospitals or adapted to the logistics of the pharmaceutical sector, the adaptability of this type of systems is ideal to automate all kinds of processes that, on the other hand way, it would cost a lot of money in effort and personnel.

    Thanks to this new alliance, JHernando continues to offer the most cutting-edge solutions tailored to each client, with special AGV vehicles adapted according to specific needs. You can integrate, for example, vehicles with scanner function, dosing, weighing, vehicles for work outside and forklifts 2 and 4 directions.

    The integration of automatic guided vehicles is useful in a large number of logistics industries. Both in the food sector, where raw materials and finished product can be classified, fulfilling functions, among others, dosing or weighing, as in the pharmaceutical industry, in which AGV robots can comply with NCF and FDA standards. AGV systems can also be easily integrated in the automotive industry for transporting motors, tools and parts for the car and its bodywork, and for packaging and order picking, with special AGV vehicles for delicate surfaces with very precise navigation.