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Spandex Oriental S.L

Spandex Oriental S.L


28947 Fuenlabrada

Reusablebaglife is a company dedicated to the exploitation of raw material, design, production and marketing of organic handbags in the industry and commercial sector.
It has a seven-color flexographic printing machine, high speed rolling machine, all-in-one non-woven handbag machine. We can customize all kinds of advertising and gift bags for each company. Improving the image of the products and profit of your company.
Our advantage:
Investing more than 100 million for the introduction of the most advanced machinery, exploitation of raw material, design, manufacturing and marketing all in one.
It is the only company in the industry and commercial sector with points of sales services in the whole world.
It is the world's largest manufacturer of eco-friendly handbags (includes OEM manufacturing)
The company under the motto of "Based on honesty, guaranteeing quality", compromising the development of innovative products.
We are willing to work together with all customers around the world to contribute to environmental protection issues and create a better future.