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Webpac connects brands and suppliers via online ecosystems, accelerating collaboration and the creation of innovative packs. Delivering five core digital solutions, Webpac empowers brands and pack suppliers to connect, collaborate, and create – faster!


Product news

  • Webpac unveils rebranding. Introducing: The Pack Cloud

    Webpac has unveiled exciting new branding that strengthens the company’s identity and reinforces its position as the first cloud-based platform for the consumer goods and packaging industries. The rebranding reflects Webpac’s goal to simplify and accelerate pack promotion, sourcing, sales, and creation by digitizing these processes from start to finish.


  • Creating brand-supplier ecosystems that digitize packs and packaging

    Imagine bringing your pack idea to life and onto the shelf in 60 seconds.

    The digitalization of packs is not just a trending topic, it is now the reality of numerous leading brands and suppliers around the world in the emerging digital arena.

    Webpac, the world's first cloud-based platform for brands and pack suppliers, delivers cutting-edge, data-driven, digital solutions for enhanced pack sourcing, design, development, management, and visualization that build on what you, the company, already has in place.

    Catered to meet the industry's specific needs, Webpac's integrated core solutions allow both brands and pack suppliers to digitize the pack development process and connect in a central hub (or cloud). The Pack Cloud lets you connect, collaborate and create, faster – all in one platform!

    The Webpac Pack Cloud allows users to search their own portfolio of products, find compatible supplier components, mix and match 3D parts in real-time, change component materials and colors, upload new artwork, and download to an iPad to view in Augmented Reality (AR).

    3D product configuration, AR, digital product catalogs, industry-specific websites, and access to a data-driven online ecosystem are some of the many features that allow you to accelerate speed-to-market, innovation, and gain greater market share.

    This digital shift signifies a pivotal moment for the industry. With Webpac as their partner, leading brands and suppliers are increasingly digitizing their assets. Pack data can now be seamlessly managed, searched, configured, and instantly visualized in 3D and AR, and then shared securely across multiple public and private channels from your personalized pack portal.


  • Webpac launches next-gen of Webpackaging.com

    Webpac has launched the next generation of its search and innovation platform webpackaging.com. The live ecosystem connects brands and suppliers globally, and encompasses the latest technology, decades of industry knowledge, continuously updated supplier data and direct feeds into some of the biggest brands on the planet.

    "After months of development, the next-generation of our search and innovation platform is ready – and amazing! With its new and enhanced features, Webpackaging makes it easier and faster for brands and suppliers to connect to source, promote and create innovative packs successfully", says Webpac Co-founder and CEO Duncan Briffett.

    The entire website has been restructured to now feature an enhanced keyword search, 19 market and product-specific categories, 7 powerful tools, and a prominent Quote Me button, for users to instantly request or access quotes.

    The search engine has been revamped to be faster, slicker, and easier to navigate between content types, providing an exceptional experience for brands and suppliers. Users can now instantly search, filter results and browse Webpackaging for the latest innovations, supplier catalogs, components in 3D, industry events and much more.

    As the industry's most powerful web search scanning thousands of suppliers, the data on the platform is constantly evolving, with integrated content and nightly updates from leading suppliers including TricorBraun, Quadpack, Berry, Aptar, and many others.

    Webpac has also introduced a new concept on the platform: 19 core categories microsites of the industry’s key markets and products, including Beauty & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Pharma & Healthcare, Household & Home Care, aerosols, cosmetic components, dispensers, tubs...

    These focused categories bring together packaging content in a way never seen before; each unique microsite is specifically dedicated to that particular market or product for brands to find current, relevant innovations, catalogs and 3D.


  • Digitize, distribute, and monetize product information!

    Today, more and more consumer goods brands recognize the power of centralized catalog systems, as they search for faster, more direct ways to collaborate with packaging suppliers. They expect to find the product information they need instantly, when they source packaging online.

    When you digitize your packaging information with Webpac, it integrates into a smart centralized structure within the Pack Cloud, the world’s first cloud-based platform connecting the consumer goods and packaging industries.

    The Pack Cloud distributes packaging information across our digital solutions, including Webpackaging.com, the leading search engine for packaging, pack development portals for brands (Brand Pack Portals), your company’s website, and more.

    Unlike stand-alone catalogs that limit the use and reach of stored information, a Digital Catalog is a real-time promotional tool, connecting you with brands and packaging buyers faster and helping you to stay agile in an increasingly competitive market. You can easily update assets instantly across all touchpoints, not only saving time and money but also creating solid business opportunities.

    Webpac’s Digital Catalog solution is the industry’s most robust tool for creating and sharing pack and packaging information today, helping suppliers optimize product visibility. Thanks to Packtag technology, Webpac’s industry-optimized asset management system, buyers can easily find product specifications and visualize products with high quality images and interactive technologies.

    Products are innovatively showcased to promote product ranges efficiently. Captivate potential buyers and stand out from the competition with high-resolution studio photography, high impact 360° product photos, and cutting-edge 3D models for an interactive user experience.

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  • Instantly take packs from idea to shelf with Augmented Reality

    Accelerate the pack development process using Webpac’s cutting-edge PackStudio3D AR (Augmented Reality) App. The struggle to make fast and informed product development decisions is over. Thanks to the AR App, instantly visualize your 3D pack designs in augmented reality anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

    Simply upload your configured and decorated packs from the PackStudio3D Configurator and project them onto your desk, store shelves or any other environment. Place different pack configurations next to each other to see which one works best. Test your ideal pack in single or multi-pack scenes to simulate what they look like in a retail setting.

    It can take days, even weeks, to produce mock-ups and physical samples of your pack designs. Now, with the powerful 3D visualization app you will view infinite pack possibilities instantly and shave weeks off the product development process.

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  • Pushing the boundaries of packaging design

    Always looking to challenge and further the limits of advanced digital packaging decoration technologies, it is no coincidence LageenTubes came to Webpac.

    At the forefront of digital packaging development, Webpac’s Online Configurator delivers a cutting-edge, interactive 3D packaging experience for customers. It is the perfect digital solution to configure and visualize LageenTubes’s endless decoration possibilities for its tailor-made packaging tube solutions – including full digital printing on caps as well as single, multi-layer and Sugarcane tubes.

    Webpac built a powerful 3D packaging configurator for LageenTubes and its customers, to transform the way they collaborate and create unique packs. From tube to cap, and everything in between, users can now explore their creative packaging ideas as well as configure and visualize them in 3D in real time.

    The powerful yet easy-to-use configurator lets non-technical users actively collaborate in the packaging development process, empowering any user to create a personalized tube and make a packaging concept an instant virtual prototype.

    Branded “Pick-a-Pack” by LageenTubes, the configurator is composed of seven different tubes (three diameters and seven volumes) with two cap options per tube diameter for a total of six screw on caps and flip top caps. Pick-a-Pack users can mix and match tubes and caps in 3D as well as explore an infinite combination of colors, materials, transparencies, and other special effects.

    Then, the user can upload unlimited artwork options, with instant real-time mapping. The result is a fully configured and decorated tube, showcasing instantly how concepts will look instantly in 3D, from any angle.

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