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CELDUC RELAIS, located near Saint Etienne in France, was founded in 1964 and manufactures the most comprehensive range of SOLID STATE RELAYS (SSR).

CELDUC RELAIS also proposes a large range of SENSORS (level, position, presence, speed detection….)

CELDUC RELAIS products can be found all over the world and have been recognized by the most renowned industrial companies.

Our range of products is used in the Packing Industry : Filling, closing/sealing, thermoforming, labelling, vaccum packing, etc...


Product news

  • Packing Industry – celduc’s solutions

    Manufacturers in all industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, … wish to optimize their packaging processes for improving efficiency and reducing costs.

    These goals are achievable through the implementation of packaging systems that are innovative, fast and reliable.
    Packaging industry is known for its advanced technology, due to the high level of automation of packaging lines. In every case, each component has to meet very strict requirements specific to each industry.

    celduc’s Solid State Relays and Contactors meet these requirements and you can rely on our solutions.

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  • NEW - Multizones controller

    Packaging industry is known for its advanced technology, due to the high level of automation of packaging lines. Each component has to meet very strict requirements. Celduc, with its “Made in France” technology, is the world leader in this field. You can rely on its solutions.

    Solid State Relays (SSR) offer a greater degree of control over the process than electromechanical relays and contactors, as they don’t have moving parts and allow frequent switching of loads (low switching frequency limits the accuracy). They are also used for motor control, direct starting or softstarting, and to reverse the rotational direction of a motor.

    Anticipating market trends and needs, celduc® relais has developed a control box for fine temperature control of infrared lamps. These control boxes are equipped with 12 solid state relays and a built-in microcontroller based regulation card. This gives very accurate regulation and also includes a communication interface that can be directly connected to a supervisory system to give load status and other parameters.

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