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20303 Irun

We specialize in shrink wrapping and presentation films, with more than 37 years of experience in the market and with a portfolio of more than 8000 customers throughout Spain who already rely on our solutions.

We have the support of the main leading companies in the national and international field, which allows us to have the highest technology in a wide range of plastic films on the market and a complete division of high quality machinery.

We put at your disposal a team of professional experts who, through personalized analysis of your needs, advise you on the improvements and newest solutions for you, with a high quality after-sales service and with the security and confidence of working with a company Leader in the sector.

Product news

  • Soretrac Alimentación

    Film para alimentación.

  • Soretrac Panaderia - Dulces

    Film para panaderia, dulces,...

  • Soretrac Artes Gráficas

    Fim para artes gráficas

  • SoretracNews 07

    Gama de poliolefinas y polipropilenos retractiles. Air-o-strech. polipropileno BOPP.

  • SoretracNews 08

    Films biodegradables y compostables SoreBio. Sleevers. Gama de poliolefinas y polipropilenos retractiles.

  • SoretracNews 09

    Polipropileno BOPP. SorePan. SoreBio. Gama de poliolefinas y polipropilenos retráctiles. Cierre bolsas.