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Propagroup Spa

Propagroup Spa


10098 Rivoli TO

Propagroup is a company specialized in design, production and distribution of packing products and systems and it has been working in the market for fifty years.
Propagroup is an international company, leader in safety packagings, with a precise objective: to protect and preserve the quality of products under the severest transport and storage conditions
Propagroup main products: desiccants and silicagel for packaging protection during transport via container, humidity indicators cobalt-dichloride free, VCI products for the protection of metals from corrosion inside the packaging, air bags for the loads shifting unduly during transports, Slip Sheets and products for packaging protection from impacts during transports.


Product news


    Sustainability and attention to the environment have always been for Propagroup an important matter to consider during the development of new products.
    After many studies made thanks to our R&D department and to our experience, we have created Propasec Green, a new desiccant bag made with biodegradable non-woven fabric.
    This new Propasec Green desiccant bag is now part of our range of anti-humidity products so we can offer to our customers a product that better protects the world in which we live, while maintaining Propagroup’s extremely high quality standards.
    Thanks to the attention we pay to the creation of our products, we obtained UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification, as a confirmation of our daily work to minimize environmental impacts.